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The CAUSE of Gender Differentiation Defects

The #ChemicalGenderRainbow brought to us by $DOW DuPont $DD :o)

Date Created: 2022, August 26

Keywords: gender, identity, sex, male, female, LBGT, groomer, endocrine disruptor

Site accessed 3,082,738 times.
This page accessed 491 times.

I see a whole ton of absolute bullshit regarding people with misaligned gender identity. I constantly see references to 'groomers' who are supposedly causing children to reconsider their hard-wired gender as their true gender identity. I truly disagree with disucssing sexual preferences and gender identity with non-family, such as teachers and drag queens. However, maybe PARENTS should be educated regarding gender differentiation defects so PARENTS can have educated gender identity discussions with their children.

In the past, well, since the beginning of time, until relatively recently, 'GENDER' was determinded by physical appearance at birth. 'Females' were born with a vagina, uterus, ovaries and mammary glands, 'males' born with a penis, testicles, prostate and no mammary glands. On a deeper biological level, females had XX and males had XY gender chromosomes. Skeletal systems of female and male are also gender-specific. Additionally, internal organs, reproductive organs and even brains are gender specific. Pretty simple, or is it?

Homosexuality, referring to misaligned gender identity, is not 'new'. While cave drawings do not depict homosexual behaviors, same gender sexuality slowly crept into literature from many regions over the course of time. It appears as though we are now facing an epidemic, forcing social acceptance in all forms of media globally. LGBT as 'normal' is pushed in education facilities, business, government and even your local grocery store. If the rate of non-heterosexuals continues to increase at the current rate, LGBT will soon outnumber heterosexuals in the reproductive age group.

As exposure to environmental hormone disrupting/mimicking chemicals continues to increase, gender differentiation defects are increasing as well. Close to 100% of the global population tests positive for exposure to bisphenol A due to contamination of food, water, air, soil, sea, etc. In addition, over a million metric tons of fresh bisphenol A are manufactured and distributed all over the planet for plastics, perfumes, fragrances, textiles and other goods. Adding to the millions of tons already decomposing in landfills and oceans.

Due to ever-increasing saturation and exposure to chemicals that interfere with hormones, basically, from now on, there will be very few, if any, true XX or XY people. It is important to note that homostupidians are not the only species affected. In addition to the rats used in studies linked above, chemically-induced gender differentiation defects have been noticed in frogs, fish, and now even lions.

Gender differentiation defects are the result of over 60 years of toxin schloppin' plastics lickers who totally ignored all the warnings from the people wearing tinfoil hats ;o)

Do we accept gender differentiation defects as normal and continue schloppin' toxins and sucking plastics?
Accept all the Pride parades, male, female and everything in between?


Do we quit using products that cause gender differentiation defects?

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