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Life Cycle of a Chemtrail

Includes details of chemtrail chemical sources...

Date Created: 2023, January 6

Keywords: chemtrail, spraying, rain, snow, water, food, air, poison

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So-called forever chemicals (PFOS) as well as bisphenol A, bisphenol S, phthalates and other known harmful chemicals are everywhere these days. Found in our soil, our oceans, our air, our meats, our grains, our fruits / vegetables and even our bodies.

Offgassing of degrading piles of plastics all over the planet continues to increase plasticizer concentrations in the atmosphere.

Releases from manufacturing, household use, plastic bottles and containers, toys, cosmetics, cleaning products, bathing products, food containers/bags, well, billions of pounds of new plasticizers every year, add to almost 150 years of poisons released into the environment.

As plastics degrade, plasticizer molecules attach to water droplets.

Water evaporating from contaminated sources, including but certainly not limited to:
dryer vents with toxic fragrance sheets and offgassing synthetic clothing
sewage treatment plants
municipal dumps
recycling facilities
hundreds of millions of tons of piles of plastics offgassing all over the planet becomes contaminated with offgassing poisons.

As the water vapor evaporates, the plasticizers simply go along for the ride.

Jet airplane turbines are basically a centrifuge. A spinning core encased in a tube.


Chemical trails are created when air filled with water droplets full of plasticizers passes through turbine engines of airplanes. The solid plasticizers separate from the water and create a fine web of recombined plastic. The process looks something like this:

The process and resulting fine strands are quite similar to making cotton candy.

Pilots cannot see through chemical trails created by previous planes. They must go to the left or right of chemical trails created by previous planes for proper visibility and reduced risk of damage to instruments resulting in inaccurate values. As each plane passes a safe distance from chemical trails created by previous planes, rows of chemical trails fill the sky.


The fine toxic mesh settles to the ground covering everything in a nice toxic coating. This toxic coating biodegrades and offgasses with all the new decomposing plastics and each round fills the skies with more and more poison. Each year, trails of chemicals blanket the skies denser and denser.

But, try to get anyone to give up their plastics...

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