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Virus Vaxx Scam is Chem Poisoning Coverup

Generations of poisoning people globally, without any risk of liability ;o)

Date Created: 2023, February 16

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It seems as though these days the entire twitter feed is a flood of THE VIRUS DID IT and THE VAXX DID IT with regard to birth defects, asthma, blood clots, male and female reproductive disorders, sudden death, cancer, heart inflammation, and so on. The list is far too long to go through in a short article. Basically covers every malady known to man.

We know the virus didn't do anything. Virus is made by the body to remove toxins from cells. You can no more 'catch' a virus than 'catch' urine. Virus cannot be isolated from external sources because virus is created *within* the body, by the immune system, to basically, wander around, deliver messages and take the trash out.

So, that answers that. Pretty simple.

A similar virus is being created by many bodies, similar enough to test for. There must be something common triggering the creation of a specifically shaped virus. The vaxx cannot be the common thing since the sickness, the 'virus', existed prior to the vaxx.

So, logically, the vaxx is not causing sickness that existed prior to the vaxx.

Let's look specifically at blood clots for a moment...

In the media and social media, both virus and vaxx are blamed for the formation of blood clots. Obviously, neither can be true based on the simple fact that virus is the body's reaction, NOT the cause. In addition, blood clots were killing people long before the vaxx even existed. For example, my son died suddenly at only 21 years old, in 2015. Before virus, before vaxx.

What could possibly be causing blood clots if not the virus or the vaxx?

Exposure to the replacement for toxic bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol S (BPS) replaced BPA in consumer plastics and a wide range of other products.

This link takes you to a timeline of BPA. From the very beginning, to the phase out by 2015.

BPS started being phased in sometime around 2000. BPS replaced BPA in consumer plastics, many claimed BPA FREE on the label, which included things like: baby bottles, toys, plastic teeters, diapers, feminine hygiene products, plastic sports bottles, bottled water bottles, food storage containers, food storage bags, product packaging, canned food can lining, airline food packaging, farm animal food packaging, cash register receipt thermal paper, and the list of products made with BPS goes on and on and on...

Numerous studies from around the world show that exposure to BPS causes blood clots, as well as a whole lot of other health issues. It is becoming obvious that BPS is more like BPA on steroids. More potent and faster acting. In addition to reproductive harms, cancers and blood clotting disorders, the most specifically damaged target organ is the heart.

However, NOT ONE CLOT, or any health issue at all, has EVER been attributed to exposure to BPS, even though we KNOW exposure to BPS causes blood clots, cancers, reproductive harms, etc.

Obviously, blood clots and other maladies caused by exposure to BPS are being blamed on something else.

One of these things is NOT like the others, ONE of these things is *NOT* liability-free ;o)

When you try to find ANY numbers regarding deaths caused by exposure to BPS, can't find anything. Zippo, Zero, Zilch. NO harms or deaths ever blamed on exposure to chem KNOWN to CAUSE maladies and fatalities.

Look to see if there is any mention of exposure to BPS, or even BPA, as a risk factor on heart-health sites, nope. Not a peep.

Go deeper. Any mention of autism caused by exposure to phthalates as a risk factor for autism? Nope. Not a peep. But proven.

Deeper. Any mention of breast cancer caused by exposure to BPS, listed as a risk factor? By the way, BPS is used in the lab to cause breast cancer to study treatments for humans A tiny little, ridiculously vague mention of chem exposure.

And deeper. Any mention of asthma caused by exposure to phthalates as a risk factor? Used in the lab to cause asthma in human lung tissue to study treatments for humans. Again, nope...

Deeper into the rabbit hole...
Any mention of male infertility caused by exposure to BPA? Is BPA exposure listed as a risk factor? Nuh-uh, nope. However, this does mention 'some' chem exposures, but not the one proven to cause male infertility. Strange, eh?

I could go on and on all day with maladies and the corresponding chemical exposure that causes the malady. They don't use viruses to cause maladies in the lab to develop treatments for humans. They don't use vaxxes to cause maladies in the lab to develop treatments for humans. They use the same exact chemicals that are in consumer goods that are actually causing the malady.

How is it that chemicals KNOWN to cause harm to human health are not only NOT blamed for the harms they cause, but also NOT EVEN LISTED AS RISK FACTORS?

So, wait. Uh, what is being blamed for harms and deaths caused by exposure to chemicals that cause harms and deaths?

Let me guess...
I bet it would be something *LIABILITY-FREE*...
Hm. Totally stumped.

AT LEAST 60 years of saline injections and bullshit blamed for harms caused by chemical exposures.

If you look back through history, you'll find that all the big 'pandemics' were right after a new chemical was launched. Spanish flu was a new chemical used in military ammunition manufacturing in Tennessee, USA. Another one was a blue dye. Then they pull the chemical, remove products containing the toxin and claim vaxx was a success. I might do a more in depth article, but this one is long enough.

Except for the most lethal ones, most chemicals responsible for the harms and early deaths remain on the market. Many in YOUR home right now.

When you get sick, just blame a drug-free overdose, 'virus' or a 'vaxx'. You can now even blame the new, improved 'vaxx-shedding' if you weren't vaxxed and just need to blame something other than the fact that you were conned into poisoning yourself.

Not only do they profit on the poisons with which you were poisoned...

They also profit from treating the harms caused by the poisons with which you were poisoned...

and they rake in trillions on saline injections to provide liability immunity for the source of your sickness...

Oh, don't forget increased healthcare/pharma/insurance stocks, dividends and now they even make money on increased stock value of the global marketing company running the global coverup ;o)

Um, so, um, why do they never tell you the CAUSE of your sickness and do their damnedest to prevent anyone else from exposing chemical exposure as cause of maladies and deaths proven to be caused by chemical exposures?

Because there's no money in that, eh?

If people were told what was poisoning them and stopped, that would be the end of the cash flow.

Capitalist greed has reached a whole new level of absolutely callous, soul-less evil.

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