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Trump Pharma Vaxx Love is Making Me Nervous

Trump is tossing money to all his pharma buddies at Johnson & Johnson, pfizer, and GAVI for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Who got how much and when? Also, some other very interesting info about how this artificially inflates stock market.

Date Created: 2020, August 6

Keywords: vaxx, vaccine, covid, coronavirus, trump, gates, gavi, pfizer

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The uproar continues regarding known harms associated with vaccinations. From seizures to autism spectrum disorders to sterility and even to death, people around the world are waking up to the very real harms caused by vaccines. It is quite apparent vaccines cause more harm than the diseases they were meant to prevent. For example, trading chicken pox, a common childhood disease rendering lifelong immunity to both chicken pox and shingles, very rarely fatal, for a vaccine with a higher risk of disability and death is kind of stupid.

Trump Pharma Vaxx LovePrior to the elections, Donald Trump made many comments questioning the safety of vaccines. However, on April 29, 2019, Alex Azar made it very clear that Trump has seen the golden light of the vaccine industry. Since then, it seems he has totally jumped on the vaxx train, as the core of his coronavirus committee, Birx, Redfield, Fauci and Azar, have long histories and obvious financial connections to Bill Gates, the Vaccine King. Why are US, even global, healthcare policies dick-tated by someone with absolutely NO medical background?

In addition, the Trump administration is obviously all on board with financing the 'vaccine' for the scamdemic, I mean COVID19.

Let's take a quick look at how much money, American tax dollars, has been dumped into financing the 'vaccine'...

$456 million was tossed to Johnson & Johnson in March.
$1.16 BILLION was tossed to Global Alliance Vaccine InitiativeGAVI, Bill Gates' pet project to vaccinate the entire world in July.
$2 BILLION was tossed to pfizer in July for 100 million doses of a vaccine that supposedly isn't even through safety and efficacy trials, let alone on the market. Psst... I guess we know now why Scott Gottlieb, on the board at pfizer, resigned as Commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration in April of 2019.
$204 million to Corning in July to manufacture vials for the 'vaccine'.
$42 million to DB for 50 million syringes.
$53 million to Retractable Technologies to expand production of syringes.
$138 million to ApiJect Systems for 100 million prefilled syringes.
$143 million to SiO2 for plastic vials.

Is a grand total of $4.19 billion, in addition to all the other government aid through Health and Human Services for development of vaccines and vaccine programs from injections to marketing under the Vaccines for Children program a wee bit outrageous? Not to mention whatever other contracts were given to pharma companies that didn't make it into the 'news'.

Oops, JUST IN:August 5, 2020:
$1 billion to Johnson & Johnson, in addition to the previous $456 million in July. How many tax dollars does a company facing hundreds of thousands of lawsuits pouring in from around the world be given? Shouldn't they, um.. I don't know, be liquidating to compensate the victims from all the known bad crap such as hips, mesh, Risperdal, Levaquin, etc?

Giving Johnson & Johnson even more money is absolute bullshit.

Oops, JUST IN:August 11, 2020:
$1.5 billion to Moderna, which looks more like a shell company. In business since September of 2010, does not have even ONE product on the market, is worth $30 billion and shares are around $60. Wait, what? No products? No servies? 'Income' ONLY from investors? Damn, I can't even get a couple bucks here and there for my actual WORK researching and writing this info - but this 'company' gets money tossed at them for, well, nothing? Hmmm...

So, $6.69 BILLION tax dollars tossed at Pig Pharma, et al, for a product, another vaxx, that any sane, rational, thinking person would refuse.

Found another one... Added September 16, 2020
$1.2 Billion From U.S. to Drugmaker to Pursue Coronavirus Vaccine.

So, add another $1.2 billion....

$7.89 billion handed to pharma for a vaxx less than half of people want. What a trip.

Oops, wait, found more... Added October 9, 2020

$1.6 billion to Novavax for yet another vaccine.

$450 million to Regeneron for antibody drug.

So, add another $2+ billion.

Might as well round up...

We are now up to $10 BILLION tax dollars tossed to pig pharma like water. Wonderful, eh?

I thought we were supposed to be getting away from big pharma?

So why is Trump giving them so much taxpayer money?

Quite likely because pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are both on the DOW30 ;o)

Tossing tons of taxpayer money at them ensures they meet or exceed profit forecasts, quite literally artificially inflating stock value with taxpayer money.

For those who believe Trump will not mandate vaccines, I totally agree. The Federal Government didn't mandate masks but try to get served anywhere without one ;o)

The Federal Government didn't mandate vaccines for school, yet you cannot send your child to school if they are not up to date on their vaccinations. Somehow, pharma is pushing the absolute fallacy that an unvaccinated child is a risk to the health of a vaccinated child. Uh, if the vaccines work, how can that possibly be true?

The good thing is Trump has MILITARY, over 1 million on standby, to distribute vaccines, 'powerfully'. Wait, uh, gee, why not through the existing health care system such as hospitals and doctor offices? Why military? Hm?

I get the feeling there will be a choice: Vaxx or FEMA camp ;o)

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