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Social Media Influencer Interpersonal Communications Tips

Learn how to deal with antagonistic AI bots and compensated social media marketing bullies effectively, without getting your account temporarily or permanently suspended.

Date Created: 2020, October 4

Keywords: social media, influencer, vaxx, COVID19, facediaper, maskflu, scamdemic, calm

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Socia media educators and information promoters see them all the time. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots and compensated social media influencers who run discussions into a frenzy of insults, curses and wasted time. Posts of frustration often result in temporary, or permanent, suspension of accounts.

However, there is a way to deal with posters from these types of accounts, without getting your account limited or suspended ;o)

First, watch the movie "Roadhouse". This movie provides education regarding effective interpersonal communications with obviously emotionally unbalanced individuals. If you are pressed for time and would rather not watch the movie, the most important point of the movie is to always be nice.

AI bots and compensated social media marketers are paid to elicite a negative response based on anger, frustration, etc. to justify limiting or suspending educator accounts. While twitter, and other social media outlets, can suspend accounts for abusive posts returned to the AI bot or compensated social media influencer, they cannot limit or suspend your account for, um, being too nice.

When appropriate, post sources rather than comment. This ensures your followers see the sources, see your calmness, enabling them to remain calm and educational when faced with those intent on eliciting negative responses.

When an actual response is required, close your eyes, fill yourself with Love, and then respond in a positive manner.

One of my favorite responses is suggesting the AI bot or compensated social media influencers seek a course on positive, effective, interpersonal communications. I explain that curses and insults are quite ineffective at gaining a receptive audience for their position. Interpersonal communication skills are offered at most higher education outlets. Suggest the offensive AI bot or compensated social media marketer visit with an admissions specialist at their local college or university. Explain that they may even qualify for the course for free with many programs available for higher education.

Another very important reason to respond with kindness, information and a calm, in control, manner is that people who are fearful often make posts based on fear. The person may be afraid your information is false and you may inadvertently harm them or one of their loved ones. First, validate their concerns in a loving way. Providing information in a rational, professional, controlled manner is more likely to encourage the antagonist, fear-filled poster to consider looking at the information provided. Responding to negative with negative will simply close that door.

The most important thing is not to stoop to their level of bullying and juvenile behavior. It's not effective. It can get your account temporarily or permanently suspended. In addition, to your new followers or people simply watching your conversations, it makes you appear as though you are basing your information on emotion rather than solid facts.

Block ONLY as a last resort. Ignore, mute if needed, but do not block. Do not let them see that their method of communication, attempting to elicite negative emotion-based response, has affected you. Blocking is done by the loser.

In addition, being nice lowers YOUR biological stress level. Reducing headaches, anxiety, depression, cramps, build-up of negative, energy-draining aderenaline. Please make sure you are resting, eating, drinking, exercising and working on positive social interactions with your loved ones to maintain your physical and emotional well-being. Oh, and, be NICE to lower stress levels.

Be educational.
Be informative.
Be understanding.

Have an absolutely awesome productive day,

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