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Still waiting for proof of filing OR apology and compensation for all the work involved defending myself.
I live in Florida. Higbee & Ass's, the law firm, is headquartered in California, assigned a lawyer in Colorado. They know I am destitute. (No, though a massive amount of work, this site makes almost no money. IE: Only $175 total for 2022 and less than $500 total this year. I work odd jobs to be able to afford to keep it online.) They have no case since there was no copyright violation. They are attempting to make it impossible for me to attend hearings so they win by default.
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I am not going to simply let them win without at least attempting to defend myself. I decided to add decals to the car and use the opportunity to defeat chronic censoring and promote my work on my 2,000 mile trip from Florida to Colorado for the hearings.
I've already secured free lodging for most of the trip. If you'd like to chip in for gas, that would be great. There is a Gift Box under the logo. Thank you for your help... Emily.
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Johnson & Johnson Risperdal US Black Box DEATH Warning for Elderly Dementia NOT Applied in Australia

Q to Alex Gorsky, Chairman/CEO of Johnson & Johnson, would you give your USA banned drug Risperdal to your father, if he had dementia?

Date Created: August 28, 2015

Keywords: risperdal, elderly, dementia, US, Australia, black box, warning, death

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This article was sent to me by a follower and is posted on his LinkedIn profile. I was asked to post on the Johnson and Toxin site and help to get this information to JNJ investors.
If not , why have you not warned my mother, and all the other Australian mothers and fathers, that your blockbuster anti-pyschotic drug Risperdal has an increased mortality risk for elderly dementia patients, based upon a very short trial period of only 10 weeks?
Yet since 2005, Johnson and Johnson has provided your USA mothers and fathers with the ultimate "black box warning" about the Risperdal death risk as follows:
WARNING: INCREASED MORTALITY IN ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH DEMENTIA-RELATED PSYCHOSIS Elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis treated with antipsychotic drugs are at an increased risk of death. RISPERDAL is not approved for use in patients with dementia-related psychosis.
I challenge you to immediately provide the same black box death warning to all the elderly dementia patients in Australia.
Your 2009 award speech at the Healthcare Businesswoman's Association included the following comments:
"My parents and my five siblings were my first and among the best mentors anyone could wish for. They told me the things that really mattered and delivered many “tough love” messages (as they say) the greatest lessons in life are often learned at home."
How would your mother view your actions now if she was alive? What would your siblings and father advise you now on this issue?
In my opinion, your drug is so powerful in restricting blood flow, and for causing numerous other side effects, that my mother was soon in a wheel chair after taking the medication. When the dose was later increased by 50%, she was immediately bed-ridden that afternoon.
Within two weeks after removing her from your deadly “medication”, she not only was able to resume walking on her own, but also actually walked a recorded 26 minutes NON STOP around the nursing home, without any human assistance.
Does it concern you that dementia is now the no 2 cause of death in Australia, according to the latest statistics from Alzheimer’s Australia (AA)?
AA also notes on its Fight Dementia website, www.fightdementia.org.au:

"about half of people in residential aged care facilities and up to 80% of those with dementia are receiving psychotropic medications, although this varies between facilities. There is evidence to suggest that in some cases these medications have been prescribed inappropriately (Hosia-Randell & Pitkälä, 2005; National Prescribing Service, 2013).
Would you publicly release Risperdal's proportion of this dementia psychotropic market to Australian patients and carers?
You recently published on Mothers Day 2015 the following comments in support of mothers around the world:
"Imagine the world you want to see in 2030—what is important to your family, and what are you doing to make that a reality? Moms +SocialGood is a one-day event dedicated to the power of moms and families to create a better future for their communities, and the role of social media and philanthropy to boost health and happiness for moms and babies everywhere.”
The Global Moms Challenge website at www.globalmomschallenge.org notes it is "an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, which connects people ideas and resources to support the UN and its causes, and is made possible by support from Johnson & Johnson, which is committed to showing that small acts of care can grow into a world of difference."
So do you think your peddling of Risperdal to our mums in Australia is going to boost their health and happiness? If you are really serious about your United Nations project, Moms + SocialGood, will you show a small act of care and withdraw Risperdal immediately from prescription in Australia for elderly dementia patients.
Will you provide written communication to all our medical practitioners in Australia who have been routinely ensuring our nursing home patients are full of anti-psychotic drugs?
Or will Moms+Social Good in Australia, supported by my expanding team of concerned professionals in the medico/legal community, need to show you how “the role of social media and philanthropy” could work to boost the health of moms, by highlighting your company’s lack of governance, absence of corporate ethics and breach of our laws.
I note your army background, and question why our Australian troops are expected to support your country’s so-called “war on terror”, yet you happily steer your army of sales representatives in Australia to every increasing targets, in direct conflict with your prominent black box death warnings in the USA.
I am sure I don’t need to remind you of the unprecedented litigation your company received by a majority of the State and Federal regulators in your country.
I also don't need to remind you of your central role relating to the allegations of payment of kick-backs to doctors, and to Omnicare, the largest nursing home pharmacy, to purchase and recommend Risperdal for dementia patients. My understanding from various reports is that you settled these actions for around US$3 billion, and signed a Corporate Integrity Agreement regulating your future conduct.
As the Chairman and CEO of the Board, a practice rarely condoned these days in Australia for ethical reasons, do you consider your requirement to act with integrity only applies to your behaviour in your own country, and not your strong ally in the war on terror?
I know what my heart says about the real war on terror – and it certainly is not in the Middle East.
I will save my views on how you are treating our young autistic children with Risperdal to another post, and perhaps another forum.
Your immediate action is sought to withdraw this drug for dementia patients in Australia - why should one more mother (or father) have to suffer and die at the hands of Risperdal, whilst your company, and you in particular, examine your conscience.
Can’t you find better causes to make money, linked to health and not death?
Where is your respect for humanity and dignity for our elderly citizens?

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