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Welcome to another year exposing the harms of Johnson & Johnson products and the executives that care more about money than human health...
There really is a highly effective way to put an end to mass tort lawsuits: GET JOHNSON & JOHNSON AND SUBSIDIARY KNOWN DEFECTIVE, HARMFUL AND/OR TOXIC PRODUCTS OFF THE GLOBAL MARKET
This work is 100% independent. I am NOT a victim, NOT a lawyer, NOT paid by anyone other than visitors to the site. And no, I do not own any stock in Johnson & Johnson.

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How Johnson & Johnson Profits From Harmful Products, Bad Drugs and Faulty Devices
Faulty products and illegal marketing causing lifelong medical issues and disabilities are a cash cow for Johnson & Johnson.

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Date Created/Edited: 2013, April 29

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Second Quarter 2017 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson Stable, BUT NOT All-Inclusive (2017, August 8)
Lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States holding at 106,600! DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL PRODUCTS FACING LAWSUITS OR LAWUITS FILED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!
Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Massacre
From dead babies to killer liver damage to autism to dimentia, harmful effects of Tylenol creates a massive flood of permanently injured and sometimes dead, victims.
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Why President Trump Should Shut Down US FDA (2017, March 28)
Healthcare organizations around the world depend on US FDA decisions, however, profit, rather than safety, seems to be the primary motivation.
healthcare, health, obamacare, donald, trump, fda, fraud, kickback
The Fastest Growing Segment of Johnson & Johnson Is... (2016, November 15)
Growing over 29% in 2016, this is definitely the fastest growing segment of Johnson & Johnson!
johnson & johnson, J&J, JNJ, 2016, lawsuit, lawsuits, tort, liability
Third Quarter 2016 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson Still Exploding! Now 99,000! (2016, November 15)
Growing every quarter, lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States alone are now well over 99,000.
talc, risperdal, asr, hip, baby powder, tvt, mesh, lawsuit
The Difference Between Guinea Pig and Cash Cow (2016, September 27)
People keep saying pharma is using us as 'guinea pigs'. Uh, not quite. Take a minute to learn the difference between a 'guinea pig' and a 'cash cow'.
guinea pig, immunization, vaccination, profit, harm, autism, disability, asthma
Johnson & Johnson Victims at Risk of RE-Victimization (2016, August 22)
If you are currently a victim of a known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product and have high medical needs due to your injuries, you are at increased risk of becoming a victim of another known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product.
jnj, johnson and johnson, johnson & johnson, victim, mesh, hip, levaquin, risperdal
Wealthy Most at Risk for Harm by Johnson & Johnson and Subsidiary Products (2016, August 22)
If you make over $100,000 a year, you are far more likely than lower incomes to become a victim of a Johnson & Johnson and/or subsidiary product.
healthcare, cost, co-pay, risk, deductable, insurance, victim, salary
Second Quarter 2016 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson Leap Again From 82,200 to 90,700 (2016, August 4)
Growing every quarter, lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States alone are now well over 90,700.
talc, risperdal, asr, hip, baby powder, tvt, mesh, lawsuit
Johnson & Johnson Animas Defective Diabetes Devices (2016, August 4)
Gosh and golly gee willikers, yet another Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Animas, totally sucks, jah?
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, animas, vibe, diabetes, insulin, device, pump
Johnson & Johnson Ethicrap, I Mean EthiCON, More JNJ JUNK (2016, July 25)
As I've mentioned, Johnson & Johnson has so many bad products I have to put a bunch in each article now to try to keep up. Now for EthiCON crap.
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, ethicon, harmonic ace, morcellator, physiomesh, secure strap, stapler
Johnson and Johnson Janssen Xarelto Slaughter (2016, July 8)
Overstating benefits, downplaying (or not disclosing) risks. Xarelto by Johnson and Johnson Janssen killing people left and right. Over 500 DEAD, 7,100 lawsuits already. Lovely, eh?
false, marketing, death, dead, xarelto, FDA, lawsuit, Janssen
This Convinced THREE Juries That Johnson and Johnson Talc Increases Ovarian Cancer (2016, May 14)
One very simple fact convinced THREE juries that Johnson & Johnson talc increases risk of developing ovarian cancer.
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, baby, powder, cancer, lawsuit, ovarian, talc
As explained in my previous article, " Is Johnson & Johnson Really Giving or Just Marketing?, the JNJ marketing plan is to build consumer trust. In my second article related to Johnson & Johnson's abuse of the trust they built, "Johnson & Johnson's Unhealth Care Plan", I explain how the trust is used against us as more and more carcingens are included in their formulations, without any regard for the health and safety of our families and our children.
And here is how they make a ton of money by hurting people:
John Fratti is a perfect example of how Johnson & Johnson profits from the promotion and sale of pharmaceutical products with known increased risks for permanent disabilities as compared to safer products for non-life-threatening illnesses. He, and thousands of others were prescribed Levaquin, a drug with a high risk of permanent and life-long tendon deterioration and pain and suffering, a drug that should be used ONLY for life-threatening illnesses when other, less risky, pharmaceutical products were ineffective. John Fratti had a simple chest cold, easily controlled with inexpensive and available products with minimal risks of side effects.
John Fratti became permanently disabled after one course of Levaquin for a simple chest cold.
Johnson & Johnson created a cash cow. If a safer product had been chosen, John Fratti would not have been permanently disabled - requiring enormous medical resources to control the deterioration of the condition caused by Levaquin. Johnson & Johnson continues to profit for the rest of John Fratti's life - he relys on pharmaceutical products to control the pain, medical diagnostic equipment to monitor his deterioration, and other personal medical supplies manufactured by Johnson & Johnson for the rest of his life. $JNJ's profit would have been around $20 for a safe antibiotic. Now, with the known harm, their profit is tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in profit from permanently disabling one person.

Multiply this by more than 100,000 people who are victims of Johnson & Johnson products such as Levaquin, Metal-on-Metal hips, transvaginal mesh, Risperdal, anal staplers, and who knows how many more?
In addition, Johnson & Johnson is not being held financially responsible for the harm they caused with the intentional promotion of harmful products for non-life-threatening illnesses. It appears as though the majority of those permanently disabled by a known harmful Johnson & Johnson product are on taxpayer funded disability, taxpayer funded medical care and often in taxpayer funded housing.
Lifelong medical care required from injuries is a lifetime of cash cow into J&J accounts from public and private healthcare as well as Social Security and life-long savings.
However, everything comes full circle. How much is Johnson & Johnson losing in litigation? Payoffs? Fines? Restitution to the victims? Look at the number of lawsuits coming in with more piling up and no end in sight. Hips. Mesh. Risperdal. Levaquin. Bone Cement. Only a few of the many JNJ products in litigation - and there are more coming in every day.
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