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The Case of the Poisoned Chickens

Who poisoned the chickens? Gates? Biden? Schwab? Dow/DuPont ;o)

Date Created: 2023, February 2

Keywords: chicken, infertile, egg, poison, feed, blood clot, arson, shortage

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Here we go again...

What's with the poisoned chickens laying few to no eggs? I see assumptions of Gates, Biden, Schwab but not any mention of DOW/DuPont. While I'm pretty certain most of my readers will choose one of the people, the fact is: DOW / DUPONT poisoned the chickens and subsequently, also their eggs.

"Well," the whiners state... "Bill Gates wants us to eat bugs, Biden already threatened a food shortage and Schwab wants to enslave the world. So, it had to be one of them! It couldn't possibly be feed bags manufactured with bisphenol S developed, manufactured and distributed by DOW / DuPont!" and other such nonsense. Uh, wrong. Again, the cause of global harm to animal and human life was DOW / DuPont.

The new BPA-free plastic feed containers/bags/bins were made with a super spiffy new chemical, bisphenol S (BPS). This was a chem used in production in colorants in the late 1800's, early 1900's. It was removed from the market because it made too many people sick. It's worse than the toxic chemical it replaced, bisphenol A (BPA).

Exposure to BPS is known to cause infertility in chickens and humans. In addition, BPS known to cause blood clots as well as other heart related problems.

The plastic offgassing feed bags contaminated the feed with BPS, at higher concentrations if feed containers were warmed. As the poisons built up in the chickens, they began laying fewer eggs. The eggs they did lay, *sold to consumers*, were contaminated with BPS, bringing to consumers an increased risk of infertility, heart problems and blood clots.

More tragically, the poison feed packaging was used in many other countries, causing shortages in Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom as well as a long list of other countries. The offgassing toxic feed bags causing not only chicken and egg shortages, but also harm to consumers, pets and livestock reliant on chicken and eggs used in a wide range of products.

Another GLOBAL DOW / DuPont clustercluck...

Chicken farms and egg processing plants are being destroyed all over the US and a number of other countries. Got a huge list. Through insurance, arson recovers the massive losses of tens of thousands of poisoned chickens. The lost revenue from chickens, eggs and resources needed to rebuild.

Why is DOW / DuPont not being forced to compensate farmers for their lost revenue? Why are farmers resorting to arson, driving up *CONSUMER* prices of insurance products across all insurance industry sectors?

As the shortages of chickens and eggs caused by poisoning by DOW / DuPont continue to worsen globally, consumers have absolutely no control over outrageous prices of chicken and eggs due to shortage caused by poisoning by DOW/DuPont.

Why is DOW / DuPont not being forced to offset the costs of the egg shortage for consumers? While I can understand and agree with egg limits until the supply is rebuilt, the outrageous costs to consumers is simply bullshit. Consumers did not cause this cluckerfuck, DOW / DuPont did. Why are consumers punished with outrageous prices for food while DOW / DuPont reaps the rewards of not only the initial toxins, but supplies for medical industry for treatment of harms caused by eating poisoned chickens and poisoned eggs from poisoned packaging until those products were replaced?

Basically: Why are CONSUMERS getting fucked over, yet again, with lies, bullshit, cover-ups, scapegoats, misdirection and outrageous prices for goods and services because the entire system is corrupt?

While the millionaires, billionaires and social media marketing company liars rake in the dough...

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