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How COVID1984 PharmaCONomy is Draining the Swamp

Detailed explanation of how massive business closures, massive job losses, massive borrowing and riots during the COVID1984 Scamdemic is producing incredible stock market gains.

Date Created: 2020, October 13

Keywords: trump, economy, pharma, credit, covid, crash, depression, stock market

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PharmaconomyI keep reading the malarkey about how the stock market rising is indicative of job growth. No, the stock market is not based on jobs, the stock market is based on profits. When you look at the truth, rather than the media bullshit, it become quite apparent that the stage has been set for an unprecedented economic collapse. Well, for everyone except the one percenters who are raking in billions.

Shutting down small businesses forces consumers to spend their money ONLY at companies on the stock market, such as Amazon and Walmart. This massive business and subsequent jobs lost increases profit and stock value for companies on the market, without creating any jobs.

People recently unemployed are blowing through savings trying to maintain during the fabricated crisis. In addition, money is being created as interest for credit card companies as people max out credit for needs, from toilet paper to food. Again, this massive consumer debt and newly created interest, money that did not previously exist but is owed, is increasing profits for credit companies, profit for their shareholders and again, leading to market gains.

Financial institutions on the stock market that invest in companies such as Walmart and Amazon, increase profits due to increased share prices of 'essential businesses', or, more accurately, companies on the stock market. The increase in share price for the companies financial institutions invest in, increases profits for the financial institution, which increases share price, which, of course, increases stock market growth. While doing nothing for those suffering from lost businesses and lost jobs.

Add the influx of over $10 billion to pharma and support companies, all on the stock market, with four pharma companies on the DOW alone. This increases pharma profit, which increases pharma share price, which increases financial institution profit, which increases financial institution share price and leads to stock market 'growth'.

People keep claiming that the rising market is indicative of JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

Uh, no...

The LOSS of jobs, closing of as many businesses not on the stock market as possible and tossing billions, even trillions, of taxpayer dollars to pharma/healthcare is driving the market up with the current scam.

Now, let's toss in the riots and massive damage to businesses and structures. With non-essential, well, not-on-the-stock-market businesses closed, the only place to obtain required materials to repair damage is, you guessed it (or maybe not), companies on the stock market. The damage and destruction further increasing profit, which increases share price for building materials suppliers on the stock market. And, of course, increases profit for institutional investors, increases their share price. Again, increasing stock market gains.

Some argure that the unemployment rate is decreasing. Yes, it is. Quite quickly, too. Unemployment calculations are based on the number of unemployed people collecting unemployment benefits. How long are people allowed to collect unemployment? Six months, correct? As the number of people unemployed by the shut-down reach the end of their allowed unemployment benefits increases, the number of perceived unemployed drops. Yet this is NOT because they have secured employment. It is simply because they are no longer counted as unemployed because they are no longer able to receive benefits.

As our government is tossing billion and billion of taxpayer money to pharma et al to fund the war on the dreaded COVID1984 Scamedmic, with massive numbers of unemployed, there is very little in taxes going back into the government to replace what is flying out every window.

It seems the stage is set for economic collapse of unrecedented proportions.

I believe schitz about to get really wild.

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