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Can We Finally Get Rid of Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky?

Before he causes more harm to the people of the world and causes more damage to the reputation of Johnson & Johnson?

Date Created: September 25, 2014

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It is obvious that Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky must resign immediately for the health and safety of consumers around the world. First, there was the federal investigation for JNJ CEO Alex Gorsky $5 Billion Risperdal/Medicaid/Omnicare fiasco. Although he tried to get out of giving his deposition, he was finally forced to and you can read it here: Gorsky's Risperdal Deposition
The next harmful and costly project was Metal-on-Metal hips. In the next federal investigation, the Department of Justice wanted Gorsky for questioning regarding knowledge of withholding safety data from the FDA, doctors and consumers regarding KNOWN risks associated with Metal-on-Metal hips. I have found no information that a deposition by Alex Gorsky was ever given. It appears as though Johnson & Johnson was again allowed to settle the lawsuits rather than face a jury.
According to the Johnson & Johnson 2013 Shareholder Report, page 55 document numbering (pg 65 per PDF numbering) there are currently more than 48,500 lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson regarding the known harmful products: Levaquin, ASR Metal-on-Metal hips, Pinnacle Metal-on-Metal hips, Risperdal, TVT Mesh, Duragesic and Topomax. This numer is ONLY lawsuits filed in the United States and does not include lawsuits filed in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland, the United Kingdom and Venezuela. This number also does not include lawsuits pending for other products, such as Xarelto, heart stents, bone cement to name a few.
Since 2012, I have been requesting that everyone demand Alex Gorsky hand in his resignation before he does more harm to consumers around the world and the reputation of Johnson & Johnson. He is a main source of extremely expensive problems plaguing Johnson & Johnson - as well as our global economy. The costs to care for victims of his harmful projects are dumped on public healthcare systems around the world. While Johnson & Johnson is regularly involved in court cases around the globe, over and over again, the company pays only for litigation to fight against and/or appeal and pays little, if anything, to the victims of his harmful projects.

To protect the health, safety and prosperity of consumers around the world, healthcare corruption must end. These are our demands:
1. Gorsky, turn in anyone you know is corrupt; write a list. Hand it to someone you know you could not corrupt. Pack your things and get out of the medical industry and banking industry for the rest of your life.
2. Turn your stock into a fund to help support the lifetime of medical needs and costs of permanent disabilities of Johsnon & Johnson victims around the world. The medical and disability costs associated with your victims should not be pushed off onto JNJ shareholders and the hard-working people of the world through astronomically increased healthcare costs.
3. Repeal Weldon's $150 million retirement fund - ALL OF IT, stocks and all, every penny of it, and add it to that fund you started with your stocks.
4. Repeat this with every single corrupted employee of Johnson & Johnson and ALL subsidiaries.
5. Write the names of every corrupt federal official and all corrupt managers of food and drug administrations around the world on your corruption list.
Recap: Alex Gorsky: Grab a pen. Start writing. Put Billy-Boy Weldon first on the list. Add the Obama's. Finish the list. Create a fund for Johnson & Johnson victims with your stocks. Strip Weldon first and add his entire retirement to the fund you created. Add the stocks of every corrupt employee and board member at Johnson & Johnson. Write up your resignation with a clause that you and all member of the list have a lifetime ban of employment in any manner in any medical or banking related fields.
And get out.
I Thank you,
And the World Thanks You,
A copy of each signature First Name, Last Initial and Country will be forwarded via email to the secratary of Alex Gorsky with the other details kept on file for verification ;o)


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