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Johnson and Toxin

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JohnsonAndToxin Defeats Pharma Giant, $JNJ We've finally successfully convinced Johnson & Johnson management to remove toxins, including two KNOWN carcinogens, from their baby care products.
Erin Brockovich Joins Battle Against $JNJ for TVT Mesh Johnson & Johnson faces a huge challenge with Erin Brockovich leading the women of Australia in the battle for restitution from harm caused by TVTMesh.
JNJ TVT Mesh Lawsuits Go Global, US, Australia and Canada so far... Check out the potential price tag of this nightmare...
Known Health Risks - INCLUDING CANCER - of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Such as Baby Shampoo
Whooopeee! India Upholds Johnson & Johnson Cosmetic Product Ban
JNJ to Remove Harmful Chems from Baby Care by 2013 and Adult Care by 2015
What Contains Formaldehyde at 200 Times OSHA Safe Exposure Limit? Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo.
Pharmaceutical Companies Fighting Data Disclosure The pharmaceutical industry wants to continue hiding data showing harm from their products and is fighting to prevent full-disclosure of ALL data from ALL studies.
Xarelto: Yet Another J&J Drug with Warning Letter from USFDA for False and misleading advertising
How Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky LIED to a Disabled Victim of Levaquin at the 2013 Shareholder's Meeting
Johnson & Johnson Defense Against $1.2 Billion Arkansas Risperdal: We Have a Constitutional Right to Lie
The High Cost to EVERY American of Corruption at Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Levaquin Victim Permanently Disabled John Fratti
DePuy Metal on Metal Hips Dropped by Johnson & Johnson Due to Lack of Sales, Not Lack of Safety, WTF?
Johnson & Johnson Risperdal: Broken Laws and Side Effects
Johnson & Johnson Continues Paying Outrageous Salaries Amid Massive Layoffs, Plant Closings and Facility Deterioration
J&J Delays $2.2 Billion Risperdal Settlement with Department of Justice to Reduce Risk of Liability to Private Insurance and Victims
They just want to give up \$2.2 billion and say they did nothing wrong? Okkkayyy...
Johnson & Johnson Appeal: We Have a Constitutional Right to Lie
Johnson & Johnson Recalls Around the World Continue into 2013
Will YOU Use JNJ New Sedation Device?
I won't. Click the title to learn why.

ObamaObamaCare - Hah! More Like ObamaScam 4-March-2014
ObamaCare is probably not about socialized medicine or affordable healthcare for all...
Alex Gorsky  Johnson & Johnson $JNJ Dominic Caruso: SAVE MONEY! FIRE GORSKY! Caruso wants to cut jobs, how about cut the job of the largest financial drain on Johnson & Johnson?
Reasons J&J CEO Alex Gorsky Should Immediately Resign
$JNJ 'Growth' Based on Corruption, Toxic Products, Harmful Devices and Pharma Fraud
ObamaLetter to Barack Obama Sent October 10, 2013
Asking him to please sign petition for changes at JNJ.
JNJ Cash Cache Can't Cover Corruption Costs ;o)
Letter to Michael Weinstein of J.P. Morgan and Company regarding Johnson & Johnson 3rd quarter teleconference questions.
Letter to Matthew Dodds of CitiGroup, Inc. regarding Johnson & Johnson 3rd quarter teleconference questions.
How WalMart Ban on Toxic Ingredients Affects Johnson & Johnson $JNJ
Johnson and Johnson: The Global Lawsuit Company
First Insiders, Then Berkshire, Now Trojan and Other Funds Dropping Johnson & Johnson $JNJ Stock
Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky and the $5 Billion Risperdal Medicaid Scandal
Johnson & Johnson $3 Billion for Gorsky Project DePuy Hip Harm in U.S., With Lawsuits in at Least 2 More Countries
JNJ CEO Alex Gorsky's Career-Long Cloud of Corruption
Johnson & Johnson Synthes: Corruption, Lawsuits and FDA Violations
Johnson & Johnson Credo Analysis
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Sales Suffer Even More With Products Suspended in South Korea and India
ObamaIs there an Obama Connection with J&J?
How Johnson & Johnson Profits From Harmful Products, Bad Drugs and Faulty Devices
Bill WeldonRetired J&J CEO Weldon $143.5 M Retirement, $1 M Salary and Bonuses? How's that helping with the high cost of health care?
Johnson & Johnson Settles Shareholder Lawsuit for $23 Mil
Lawsuits Mounting for Harm by Johnson & Johnson Implanted Mesh Products
Johnson & Johnson's Recent Payoff's, I Mean Settlements, Risperdal and Levaquin
The Extremely Expensive Problems Facing Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Appears to Have More Lawsuits than Drugs in Their Pipeline

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2-March-2014: Johnson & Johnson Destroys Thousands of Files Related to Vaginal Mesh Then case dismissed due to plaintiff's "insufficient evidence"!
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JNJ's Recent Payoff's,
I Mean Settlements,
Risperdal and Levaquin

When Johnson & Johnson settles lawsuits out of court, the corporation is not charged with any wrong-doing. Considering the number of state and federal lawsuits lost regarding Risperdal, the cash settlements amount to "shut up and go away" money. Obviously, the amount does not need to be disclosed to consumers or shareholders. However, medical products and services will increase to cover the costs of the settlements - they break the laws, consumers (shareholders are also consumers) pay the price.
Johnson & Johnson has begun settling Risperdal cases involving illegal marketing and withholding risks from both doctors and patients. Five suits were settled for an undisclosed amount, another suit was settled in Philadelphia for an undisclosed amount. There are more than 400 individual lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson for illegal marketing and promoting off-label prescribing of Risperdal leading to permanent injuries to the health of the patient.
They have also started settling Levaquin lawsuits for the same basic reason: Extreme health risks, tendon rupture, were not disclosed to the doctors or their patients. Johnson & Johnson has settled approximately 845 of the more than 3,400 Levaquin lawsuits filed against them.
One of the Levaquin lawsuits not settled is John Fratti. For more about John Fratti and exactly what the health risks of Levaquin include, massive headaches, permanent ligament and tendon damage read: Johnson & Johnson Levofloxacin Drug Levaquin Victim John Fratti. John Fratti was an active pharmaceutical representative until one course of Levaquin left him permanently disabled and struggling with chronic pain.
Now on to the 93,000 hips, the ever-increasing army of mesh victims and we'll see how many new devices claims we get since we know, based on the 9 FDA whistleblower scientists' letter to Obama, that the medical devices safety process of the FDA has been compromised with kickbacks, bribery and "intimidation". Does this quote bother anyone else: "In their letter the FDA dissidents alleged that agency managers use intimidation to squelch scientific debate, leading to the approval of medical devices whose effectiveness is questionable and which may not be entirely safe."
Wait, wasn't medical devices Alex Gorsky's department? Gorsky, who is now CEO. (Maybe not the wisest choice, huh?) And they just acquired Synthes, which is a what? A medical devices company. Already with corruption. Already with FDA facility issues in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Hm. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on there - corrupt the system, buy a company and push as much through the corrupt system as possible since the fines, court costs and fees are nothing compared to the profits! WooHoo! Just hope you or your loved one isn't the recipient of yet another faulty medical device pushed through a corrupt safety system. Well, looks like we need another article for this mess.
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