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100+ articles of harm and corruption by Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary products.
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THIS WORK FOR SAFE HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS IS BEING DONE BY A 50 YEAR OLD HOMELESS WOMAN, homeless and on the streets since 2011 after loss of my management job and subsequent foreclosure on my house. I grew up in foster care so I have no family and no friends in a position to help me. I REQUIRE ENOUGH MONEY FOR ONLY THREE THINGS:
1. Cell phone with internet access. I cannot load files TO the web site from public service connections. This block is required to prevent hackers from using public access connections. I cannot write content and load it to the site until my phone is back on. Phone was shut down on the fourth because I have NO MONEY and almost NO SUPPORT FOR THIS WORK.
2. 4 foot by 4 foot storage unit to keep computer, periferals, back-ups and what pathetic little I have left of my life, destroyed by my ex, long story. Storage was locked up by managment on the 9th due to non-payment because I have NO MONEY and almost NO SUPPORT FOR THIS WORK. I have been wearing the same filthy stinking clothes for 10 days now because I have NOTHING LEFT BUT THE CLOTHES ON MY BACK AND A BAG WITH LAPTOP AND SOME TOILETRIES. The bag will likely get stolen in the near-distant future because I have to sleep sometimes and can't keep watch on the bag when I'm sleeping. Already had FIVE laptops stolen because I have to sleep. It was why I got the storage unit in the first place.
3. SERVER FEES TO KEEP ALL THIS WORK ONLINE. Obviously, no server space, no site, total end of this effort. I have NO MONEY to pay the server fees that are due on the 26th.
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NOT ONE PENNEY SINCE FEBRUARY. I stretched the money from January and February to cover January, February and March. I have less than $2 left.
Of the 2 million page views this site has received, over 6,000 were from Johnson & Johnson servers. I'm sure they are celabrating my failure to obtaion financial support and look forward to the site going down on the 26th. Crossing their fingers that no one chooses to help.
I'm sorry I have no money to pay for the tools REQUIRED to continue this work. I wish I did, I hate the thought of all this work going offline after 6 YEARS of a massive amount of work, 100 hour weeks. But if there's no support, I guess people are okay with the way Johnson & Johnson does business and all this work will be gone in less than a week. I did what I could...
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FOUR Corporate Defense Attorneys Are In Control of US Health and Human Services
JNJ Shareholders in a Huff Over Talc
Kudos to Trump for Cutting Millions of Poor From Medicaid
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Population Control Strategy
Founder of Apotex and Wife Found Hung in Home Likely Visited JohnsonAndToxin Site Researching ....
(got more dead to report - explain later.)
Johnson & Johnson CEO Gorsky Wants to "CREATE A CRISIS"; gee, looks like he's created quite a few ;o)
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Baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuits
Metal-on-metal hip lawsuits
Xarelto DEATH and bleed-out lawsuits
Hernia and transvaginal mesh lawsuits
Invokana ketoacidosis, etc. lawsuits
Deadly, disabling Risperdal lawsuits
Deadly, disabling Levaquin lawsuits
* Velcade overcharging lawsuits
* Procrit heart attack lawsuits
* Stelera cancer lawsuits
* Morcellators uterine cancer lawsuits
* Tylenol death and liver failure lawsuits
* Defective diabetes device lawsuits
* Defective heart stent lawsuits
* Death and disability spine disc lawsuits
* Deadly bone cement lawsuits "Pigs injected with the cement died within minutes"
* Deadly, disabling opioid lawsuits
* Defective knee lawsuits
* Defective elbow lawsuits
* Deadly defective surgical tool lawsuits
* Topamax birth defect and suicide lawsuits
* NEW: January 2, 2018, CLASS ONE RECALL of heart device
This list is NOT all-inclusive and covers ONLY lawsuits in the United States.
* NOT mentioned on 2017 3rd 1/4 10Q

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What's the Obama Connection with Johnson & Johnson?
There seems to be a very long history of connections between the Obama's and Johnson & Johnson CEOs.

Keywords: jnj, johnson & johnson, j&j, obama, shareholder, fda, doj, corruption
Date Created/Edited: September 6, 2012 (Updated: September 2, 2014)

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Lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson continue to spiral out of control - breaking over 108,000 in third quarter 2017, with numerous unmentioned products also racking up an untold number of lawsuits not mentioned in 2017 10-Q.
History of Johnson & Johnson Janssen Fentanyl
Hmm, looks like Johnson & Johnson is profiting from BOTH sides of opioid addiction crisis ;o)
15 Steps to Solve Healthcare Crisis
How about this for a rough outline of a strategy to dramatically reduce healthcare costs?
ACA the Affordable CORRUPTION Act
The only purpose of the ACA/ObamaCare was to force everyone to pay legal fees and victim settlements and care from harm by Johnson & Johnson.
Johnson & Johnson Begs US FDA to Expand Xarelto Slaughter
After killing around 2,000 people in the United States in 2016 alone, Johnson & Johnson wants to spread the deaths even more!
Johnson & Johnson Facing Over $100 BILLION in Lawsuit Debt
With a flood of lawsuits pouring in from around the world, Johnson & Johnson is facing at least $100 BILLION lawsuit debt.
The Johnson & Johnson Drugged Kids Pension Plan
Teacher and state retirement funds invest in Johnson & Johnson, the DRUGGED KIDS PENSION PLAN
Second Quarter 2017 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson
Lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States holding at 106,600! DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL PRODUCTS FACING LAWSUITS OR LAWUITS FILED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!
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Why President Trump Should Shut Down US FDA (2017, March 28)
Healthcare organizations around the world depend on US FDA decisions, however, profit, rather than safety, seems to be the primary motivation.
healthcare, health, obamacare, donald, trump, fda, fraud, kickback
The Difference Between Guinea Pig and Cash Cow (2016, September 27)
People keep saying pharma is using us as 'guinea pigs'. Uh, not quite. Take a minute to learn the difference between a 'guinea pig' and a 'cash cow'.
guinea pig, immunization, vaccination, profit, harm, autism, disability, asthma
Johnson & Johnson Victims at Risk of RE-Victimization (2016, August 22)
If you are currently a victim of a known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product and have high medical needs due to your injuries, you are at increased risk of becoming a victim of another known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product.
jnj, johnson and johnson, johnson & johnson, victim, mesh, hip, levaquin, risperdal
Johnson & Johnson Animas Defective Diabetes Devices (2016, August 4)
Gosh and golly gee willikers, yet another Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Animas, totally sucks, jah?
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, animas, vibe, diabetes, insulin, device, pump
Johnson & Johnson Ethicrap, I Mean EthiCON, More JNJ JUNK (2016, July 25)
As I've mentioned, Johnson & Johnson has so many bad products I have to put a bunch in each article now to try to keep up. Now for EthiCON crap.
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, ethicon, harmonic ace, morcellator, physiomesh, secure strap, stapler
While digging for information regarding corruption at Johnson & Johnson, I came across a few pieces of information that show there may be a connection between Johnson & Johnson and the Obamas. Maybe one of the readers of the site has information to help connect the dots here so we can all find out what is really going on.
Barack and Michelle Obama met at Sidley Austin, a law firm that regularly defends Johnson & Johnson. They married in 1992, in Chicago.
Michelle joined the University of Chicago hospital in 2002 as Executive Director of Community Affairs, leaving an education in the legal system behind, and Barack into politics.
Alex Gorsky was with the Janssen unit of Johnson & Johnson in that same time frame. He started working at Johnson & Johnson in 1988. Risperdal, a product of the Janssen Unit of Johnson & Johnson approved in 1994, was Alex Gorsky's first big project. Fraudulent marketing and Medicaid fraud brought billions in revenue from Risperdal sales. The Janssen Unit of Johnson & Johnson has a facility in Naperville, IL, which is just outside of Chicago.
After Barak Obama was elected to Senator of Illinois in 2004 (in office in 2005). In 2004, Michelle Obama, Executive Director For Community Affairs at University of Chicago Hospital, was given an extremely large raise and her own new department, Vice President For Community And External Affairs. Her salary increased from $121,910 to $316,962. Alex Gorsky split from his thriving Risperdal project to Novartis in May of 2004. The timing of these interesting moves directly corresponds with the timing of the 2004 USFDA Warning Letter sent to Johnson & Johnson regarding fraudulent marketing of Risperdal. The Medicaid Fraud associated with Risperdal was already occurring, but had not been uncovered yet.
Billy Boy Weldon gave Barack $150 million in 2010 in supposed support of ObamaCare, and refused to disclose to shareholders just how much of that was shareholder money. It would be interesting to know if that went in Obama's pocket? If so, for what? Better golf clubs to accompany him on a vacation to Billy Boy Weldon's mansion on a double lot in Lost Tree Village in Florida?

In 2009, nine scientists reported corruption in the medical devices division of the FDA - "The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the scientific review process for medical devices at the FDA has been corrupted and distorted by current FDA managers, thereby placing the American people at risk," according to the scientists. Obama basically ignored the pleas of the scientists by telling them to turn to corrupt management to deal with corruption in management, huh? Really? Were the scientists over-reacting with regard to their warnings to the government and public? With pelvic mesh, insulin pumps, hips, knees, butt staplers in the US, butt staplers in Australia all being recalled due to safety issues and, as with pelvic mesh, insulin pumps and hips, safety data did exist showing lower effectiveness and increased risks to health prior to harm to full scale marketing and sales. This information was intentionally withheld from the FDA, doctors and consumers causing millions of people pain and suffering and costing our health care system billions in care for those injured by known defective, harmful products. No, it doesn't seem like those scientists were over-reacting when they specifically stated that the corruption in the medical devices department of the FDA will increase risks to consumers. In fact, it may have been a dramatic understatement. And just a little more info, the King of Corruption himself, Alex Gorsky promised that the medical devices division of JNJ will boom. They even acquired Synthes, with a history of corruption and FDA violations, to tap into the corruption at the FDA. Hmm. Wait, you mean Gorsky, who was in control of medical devices at JNJ was yet again in the center ring for corruption of federal officials? Well, with Gorsky's Career Long Cloud of Corruption, he's got plenty of practice and they do say practice makes perfect!
Previous J&J CEO Billy Weldon was invited to the 2011 APEC Summit in Hawaii by president Obama. This is not really questionable since, granted; J&J is one of the most diversified and largest drug companies in the world. However, Johnson & Johnson, not the largest pharmaceutical company. In his speech, Weldon noted that "APEC countries are also experiencing a growing middle class and lifestyle changes that are linked to rising rates of non-communicable disease." Yeah, such as using Johnson & Johnson toxic products. That pretty much sums it up.
When you consider all of the coincidences of connections between the Obama administration and Johnson & Johnson with corruption at the FDA opening the door for harmful, yet very profitable, medical devices along with the fact that the Obama's met at a law firm which worked directly for Johnson & Johnson and then Michelle tossed her legal career after a lifetime of education in law and then the out-of-proportion raise to Obummer's wife as a hospital administrator, the strange, unpopular and unaccounted for $150 million, the overlooked corruption in
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