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Barack and Michelle worked at Sidley Austin, a law firm that defends Johnson & Johnson. Michelle traded her law career for full-time health care admin with a $100,000 a year salary. After Barack won his first office, she took a part-time position and her salary tripled. Hm. Go figure...

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ACA the Affordable CORRUPTION Act (2017, September 21)
The only purpose of the ACA/ObamaCare was to force everyone to pay legal fees and victim settlements and care from harm by Johnson & Johnson.
oaca, obamacare, medicaid, medicare, fraud, obama, gorsky, eric holder
Michelle Obama and the Johnson & Johnson CEO Gorsky $5 Billion Risperdal, Omnicare, Medicaid Scandal (2015, November 6)
Hey-uh, when Johnson & Johnson Janssen was illegally funneling money out of Medicaid through Omnicare for Risperdal - Uh, Michelle was HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR in Chicago, where original case broke.
omnicare, johnson and johnson, johnson & johnson, janssen, michelle, obama, risperdal, gorsky
United States IS Owner of Ebola Virus, Will Africa Sue? (2014, October 13)
Should the United States Government, the owners of the patented Ebola Virus, be held accountable for the spread of their disease?
ebola, patent, virus, united, states, government, application, canada
Obama Implements J&J CEO Gorsky Healthcare Cost Control Strategy (2014, October 12)
Check out this clip of Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky discussing his vision for controlling healthcare costs.
healthcare, obamacare, corruption, cost, increase, insurance, health, gorsky
EBOLA: Is global threat result of unethical illegal drug trials (2014, October 6)
Follow history in the making as another illegal drug trial goes catastrophically wrong. Ebola is the ULTIMATE price of corruption and lack of ethics in our global healthcare system.
polio, ebola, evd68, pharmaceutical, testing, illegal, drug, trial
Immunization Testing, Ebola and Oil, Gas, Diamonds, Titanium, Iron and Gold (2014, October 1)
How are they all connected? Corruption and greed.
polio, ebola, evd68, oil, diamonds, titanium, iron, gold
Johnson & Johnson Global Lawsuit Update: 48,500 and Skyrocketing (2014, September 18)
Take a look at the cost of more than 48 thousand US lawsuits pending against Johnson & Johnson.
levaquin, risperdal, asr, hip, transvaginal, tvt, mesh, lawsuit
2014 Johnson & Johnson Shareholder Letter (2014, April 15)
Help end out of control corruption in the healthcare industry which allows harmful products to reach consumers, driving up healthcare costs and harming hundreds of thousands of people. Are you or a loved one their next victim?
healthcare, corruption, johnson & johnson, j&j, gorsky, shareholder, 2014, stockt


Arkansas AG Requests Johnson & Johnson Pay $1.2 Billion (2014, April 9)
Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel requested a rehearing after Johnson & Johnson got Arkansas Supreme Court to toss Johnson & Johnson $1.2 billion for Risperdal Omincare scandal.
omnicare, risperdal, rehearing, appeal, johnson & johnson, J&J, dustin, mcdaniel
ObamaCare - Hah! More Like ObamaScam (2014, March 4)
ObamaCare is probably not about socialized medicine or affordable healthcare for all - it's probably about maintaining high profits for the health care industry.
johnson & johnson, JNJ, alex gorsky, obamacare, healthcare, weldon, obama, scandal
Letter to President Barack Obama (2013, October 11)
Since nothing else seems to work to get Johnson & Johnson to get the carcinogens out of our products, how about a letter to the President? I sent it on, October 10, 2013.
obama, johnson & johnson, JNJ, j&j, barack, healthcare, obamacare, affordable care act
What's the Obama Connection with Johnson & Johnson? (2012, September 5)
There seems to be a very long history of connections between the Obama's and Johnson & Johnson CEOs.
jnj, johnson & johnson, j&j, obama, shareholder, fda, doj, corruption
The Extremely Expensive Problems Facing Johnson & Johnson (2012, August 1)
If you think Alex Gorsky is the solution to the problems facing JNJ, you haven't kept up with the JNJ drama over the years. Stop in and get a clue...
jnj, johnson and johnson, johnson + johnson, J&J, stock alex gorsky, corruption
Michelle Obama and the University of Chicago Medical Center (2014, November 29)
Corruption of our healthcare system doesn't stop at Weldon, Gorsky or even Barack Obama. Check out what was going on at the University of Chicago Medical Center while Michelle was there - making a million dollars...
barack, michelle, obama, university of chicago medical center, corruption, medicaid, healthcare, obamacare

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