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Representative Adam Schiff, FDA Gottlieb and TD O'Connell in Ireland Scream for Medical Censoring

Alternative health information online will be a thing of the past if Trump's pick for FDA Chief has his way.

Date Created: 2019, March 10

Keywords: healthcare, immunization, vaccine, vaxx, censor, fda, gottlieb, commissioner

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Representative Adam Schiff, United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and even Irish TD Kate O'Connell are screaming for censoring, removing and deleting immunization information from searches in popular social media outlets such as Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon supposedly to reduce spread of (mis)information. Pinterest has already blocked searches relating to vaccinations, whether the information was based on the currently available studies or personal experience with harm caused to children by vaccines. Facebook will soon delete vaccine information that questions the safety and likely harm caused by currently available vaccines and the connection to autism and other life-long health ailments such as auto-immune disorders, allergies and even cancers. Representative Adam Schiff sent letters to many social media outlets expressing his concern that consumers have access to information other than the bs spewed by US FDA and CDC regarding the safety and efficacy of currently available vaccines, including Amazon, which has numerous publications available for purchase displayed on search results for vaccine-related products and information. YouTube has already removed advertising revenue from videos relating to personal accounts as well as medical research regarding harm by vaccines claiming the information is 'dangerous or harmful'.

Tweets to Representative Adam Schiff receive no response, as though it's just his marketing team, not actually a person. There is NO discussion, simply dictatorship screaming for censoring information regarding possible harm by currently available vaccines.

Irish TD Kate O'Connell, screaming for FaceBook to remove information regarind harm by vaccines, is a pharmacist. Her demand for censoring immunization information is obviously a conflict of interest.

Scott Gottlieb, entwined in the health harm for profit via Robert Wood Johnson Foundation also presents a conflict of interest is threatening US vaccine mandates that unConstitutionally over-ride states' rights, is a violation of Freedom of Speech and such archaic policies should get him fired - oh, wait, Gottlieb just handed in his resignation. Good riddance!

In general, since vaccine manufacturers Merck and pfizer are both components of the United States Dow Jones Industrial Average, any government official screaming for censoring valid information regarding harm by vaccines, including peer reviewed studies as well as personal accounts, presents a conflict of interest to maintain harm for profit to ensure Dow gains and 'economic prosperity' based on turning every human being possible into a healthcare cash cow.

For those of you who are terrified that unvaccinated children will spread vaccine-'preventable' diseases to those who are vaccinated are falling for media hype, hysteria and flat out bullshit. If vaccinations actually work, those who are vaccinated against a disease should not be able to contract the disease from those who are unvaccinated. Reality is quite literally the opposite, those who are vaccinated carry and spread the diseases to those who are NOT vaccinated. But, with the mounting evidence of lifelong harm caused by vaccinations, this is yet another example of the cure being more harmful and lifelong debilitating than the diseases vaccines attempt to prevent.

I truly believe vaccination should be a choice based on individual situations. There are risks from diseases as well as risks from vaccinations. The choice every family makes should be based on ALL available information, not a forced choice from either side of the issue.

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