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Welcome to 2018 :o)
As the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson continue to pile up, looks like another year of the same Johnson & Johnson shit, unfettered by laws, regulations, ethics or even basic human compassion.
Just another year of bleeding people dry and then spitting out the corpse, slaughtering people faster than an ISIS wet dream.
Looks more and more like the biggest risk to Americans is Johnson & Johnson ;o)

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The people most at risk for harm by a known defective Johnson & Johnson product are those who can afford their outrageously priced products and those with health insurance; basically those who make over $100,000 per year.
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Done... Pharma Company Facing Over 108,000 Lawsuits Awarded $300 Million in Defense Department Contracts
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Kudos to Trump for Cutting Millions of Poor From Medicaid
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Population Control Strategy
Founder of Apotex and Wife Found Hung in Home Likely Visited JohnsonAndToxin Site Researching ....
Johnson & Johnson CEO Gorsky Wants to "CREATE A CRISIS"; gee, looks like he already did ;o)
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Death by Johnson & Johnson Levaquin (levofloxacin) Anti-Biotic
Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an anti-biotic used for common infections that comes with a higher risk of death and permanent disabling injuries than from the infection itself.

Keywords: levaquin, levofloxacin, anti-biotic, death, dead, injury, tendon, rupture
Date Created/Edited: February 11, 2015

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After killing around 2,000 people in the United States in 2016 alone, Johnson & Johnson wants to spread the deaths even more!
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Teacher and state retirement funds invest in Johnson & Johnson, the DRUGGED KIDS PENSION PLAN
Second Quarter 2017 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson
Lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States holding at 106,600! DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL PRODUCTS FACING LAWSUITS OR LAWUITS FILED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!
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Why President Trump Should Shut Down US FDA (2017, March 28)
Healthcare organizations around the world depend on US FDA decisions, however, profit, rather than safety, seems to be the primary motivation.
healthcare, health, obamacare, donald, trump, fda, fraud, kickback
The Difference Between Guinea Pig and Cash Cow (2016, September 27)
People keep saying pharma is using us as 'guinea pigs'. Uh, not quite. Take a minute to learn the difference between a 'guinea pig' and a 'cash cow'.
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Johnson & Johnson Victims at Risk of RE-Victimization (2016, August 22)
If you are currently a victim of a known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product and have high medical needs due to your injuries, you are at increased risk of becoming a victim of another known harmful Johnson & Johnson subsidiary product.
jnj, johnson and johnson, johnson & johnson, victim, mesh, hip, levaquin, risperdal
Johnson & Johnson Animas Defective Diabetes Devices (2016, August 4)
Gosh and golly gee willikers, yet another Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Animas, totally sucks, jah?
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, animas, vibe, diabetes, insulin, device, pump
Johnson & Johnson Ethicrap, I Mean EthiCON, More JNJ JUNK (2016, July 25)
As I've mentioned, Johnson & Johnson has so many bad products I have to put a bunch in each article now to try to keep up. Now for EthiCON crap.
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, ethicon, harmonic ace, morcellator, physiomesh, secure strap, stapler
Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Levaquin deaths are back in the news. It's not very often that a victim of a Johnson & Johnson product is able to get published in the news, but the loved ones of recent deaths caused by the drug were able to get their stories told to in their local area. Thanks to social media - we can get their story out further and hopefully, educate consumers that Levaquin is a drug to be used ONLY in the event of life-threatening illnesses that did not respond to safer treatments.
John Fratti, Jenny Frank, Lynne Whitcopf, Andrea Siani and Caroline Egan are a few of the victims of Levaquin toxicity who are still surviving a life of agony and suffering. Richard Davis and Chris Dannelly are just two of an unknown number of people who died from taking Levaquin.
Levaquin, levofloxacin, is an extremely potent, extremely high risk anti-biotic. It was originally developed to treat a minimum range of life-threatening illnesses, such as anthrax, or as a last resort for bacterial infections that did not respond to safer treatments. It definitely has an appropriate place in pharmacology. However, it is currently being prescribed for additional conditions, as well as off-label for uses that were not approved by the FDA, for simple infections such as sinus infections, bronchitis, bladder infections and other non-life threatening illness as a first, most risky treatment.
John Oliver does an excellent job of explaining how pharmaceutical reps work to push doctors to increase sales of drugs, such as incredibly risky Levaquin. This video is relatively short, 17 minutes, and unbelievably funny, as well as highly accurate. John Oliver Last Week Tonight on prescription drug peddlers.
Keep in mind that an association between death and a drug is not 'proof' that the drug caused the injuries or death. Put it this way, Patient gets hit by a car and killed. The patiet was taking Drug A, Drug B and Drug C. Although the patient was taking these drugs when they died, it was not necessarily the cause of death - unless the drug caused a heart attack while the patient was crossing the street which was a known side effect of the drug. A large number of similar symptoms associated with a drug is cause for alarm. It would be prudent to pull the drug until further studies proved it to be safe. The list of side effects by Levaquin, including death, is cause for alarm because it seems that quite often 'death' was the outcome when the only drug involved was Levaquin.
Although, many doctors continue to ignore the evidence of great risks of permanent harm and prescribe Levaquin and other levofloxacin drugs for non-life-threatening illesses, a growing number of doctors are working to get stronger warnings and limited uses for this known harmful drug. WCPO in Cincinnati exposed that many side effects are not even on the Levaquin label. On June 19, 2014, Charles Bennett, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.P. submitted a request to the United States Food and Drug Administration for an additional block box warning for 'Mitochondrial Toxicity'. On September 8, 2014 he submitted an additional citizen petition to the United States Food and Drug Administration for 'Psychiatric Events' to be added to the Levaquin drug information.


While those who die from Levaquin are permanently cured of all unmet medical needs, injuries such as chronic ruptured tendons requiring surgery and pharmaceuticals, add massive costs to healthcare system. However, Johnson & Johnson writes all the profit from the high rate of permanent injuries as 'profiit'.
Oh, wait, did you actually think Johnson & Johnson was paying the extreme costs of a lifetime of medical needs for the victims of Levaquin? Hah! Nope. Who do you really think is footing the bill for all these victims?
Well, it's not the shareholders since dividends continue to rise. And obviously not the corrupt management since management salaries continue to rise dramatically. Well, since consumer healthcare costs continue to shoot the moon with no end in increases in sight - oh, the costs must be getting dumped on consumers. The costs associated with these victims are dumped on the Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare systems - unless the victim still has private insurance. In addition, the costs dumped on social healthcare systems drive up taxation for all to cover victims who are no longer able to work due to Levaquin toxicity.
Johnson & Johnson collects the revenue from treating a lifetime of debilitation and dependencey of their victims on painkillers, anti-biotics and such in their balance sheets as income. Sweet. Get paid to hurt people and then get paid to 'heal' them. That's like getting $10 to punch someone in the face and then get $10 for giving them pain meds for their injury.
If you or a loved one has been injured (or killed) by Levaquin (or any other Johnson & Johnson or subsidiary product), call the Wall Street Journal (1-800-Journal (568-7625)) and the New York Times (1-888-NYT-NEWS (1-888-698-6397)) and ask them to publish your story. Or, maybe just call them and ask them to visit the Johnson and Toxin web site for an eye-opening education about Johnson & Johnson ;)
We must demand that Johnson & Johnson...
...immediately notify doctors, globally, to prescribe Levaquin as a LAST resort for life-threatening illnesses.
...immediately pull all mesh products - GLOBALLY.
...terminates corrupt individuals who continue to allow known harmful, disabling and death-inducing products.
...uses savings from terminated managers to set up a savings fund for the victims of their many known harmful products.
...reduces ALL executive compensations to UNDER $1 million per year, using the savings to improve facility conditions, independent review of all existing products and add to savings fund for global victims of known harmful products.
Oh, and no more tax-dollar hand-outs either. Gee, guess they'll actually have to come up with some innovative - SAFE - products
So, hey, uh, talk to YOUR doctor about *NOT* prescribing Levaquin, or any other levofloxacin-based drug, unless the condition being treated is life-threatening and did not respond to non-life-threatening treatments. I mean seriously, do you really want to risk ending up DEAD from the treatment of a sinus infection?
Or, even more effective, how about share this article with everyone you know to help prevent deaths from Levaquin for non-life-threatening infections.
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