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Letter to President Barack Obama

Since nothing else seems to work to get Johnson & Johnson to get the carcinogens out of our products, how about a letter to the President? I sent it on, October 10, 2013.

Date Created: 2013, October 10

Keywords: obama, johnson & johnson, JNJ, j&j, barack, healthcare, obamacare, affordable care act

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Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
RE: Petition Signature
Dear President Obama,
My name is Emily Patterson. I am the creator of and researcher for a web site called Johnson and Toxin. ( www.johnsonandtoxin.com ) I'm writing today to ask you and Michelle to sign a petition to strongly encourage much-needed changes at Johnson & Johnson.
The first point on the petition is to request Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky resign immediately and be banned from the healthcare and banking industries. His life-long career of corruption is a major cause of the dramatic increase in healthcare costs, not to mention the suffering of an unknown number of victims and their families.
The second point on the petition is to request that Johnson & Johnson immediately remove all body care products containing ingredients that are known or suspected carcinogens, known or suspected to cause asthma or other respiratory ailments, known or suspected neurological inhibitors and known dermal irritants from maternity wards, hospitals, as well as all brick-and-mortar and online retail outlets.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that products that dramatically increase the risk of developing cancer, respiratory illness, neurological disorders and other long-term health ailments are likely the root cause of the dramatic increases in these life-long, extremely costly, illnesses and ailments.
We tried going through legislation to have these harmful chemicals removed from our products without success. It seems as though those whose campaigns are funded by Johnson & Johnson do not want to do anything to risk losing their campaign financing.
We tried reaching out to consumers with minimal effect. Consumers believe that if products are on the shelves of their stores they must be safe and too many aren't - but should be.
We tried public humiliation to encourage Johnson & Johnson to set a new higher standard by improving ethics and honesty in studies, quality and safety of their formulations, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This has had minimal impact.
I am now reaching out to you to assist in this effort to bring about positive change at Johnson & Johnson in their consumer goods, pharmaceutical and medical devices departments by ensuring that the products they supply to our maternity wards, hospitals, pharmacies, online retail shops and brick-and-mortar shelves are safe and do not contain ingredients known or suspected to cause long-term harm to the health of consumers.
We cannot reduce medical spending by spreading it out through increased taxes and forcing people who are already struggling to survive to part with even more money under threats of fines. That will not reduce the cost of health care. Removing products that are known or suspected to cause long-term health conditions will definitely reduce the cost of health care by reducing the rate of long-term health conditions associated with the use of ingredients that dramatically increase the risk of developing long-term health conditions. Removing a CEO with a career of corruption in the medical industry will cut medical spending by reducing the rate of long-term illnesses and injuries to victims of known faulty devices and bad drugs.
From an economic perspective, the best thing we can do is provide healthy, productive people for our workforce. With fewer lost sick days, losing pay as well as expenses for gas and co-pays, Americans will have a lot more money in their pockets to buy goods and start or grow businesses to provide the money consumers need to pull out of this recession.
Please visit: http://www.johnsonandtoxin.com/petition.shtml and enter your signature. Help let companies like Johnson & Johnson know that recalls, harmful ingredients, faulty devices, bad drugs, false/misleading advertising and corruption will no longer be tolerated in the United States.
Thank you,
Emily Patterson
cc: http://www.johnsonandtoxin.com/letter_to_obama.shtml
UPDATE: Petition removed from server with the revision of the web site due to too many spam entries. No contact from Obama's.

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