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How Klaus Schwab Took Over the World

How Klaus Schwab is in control of voting outcomes, military, healthcare, education, vaccines, media, censoring and much, much more...

Date Created: October 3, 2021

Keywords: klaus schwab, nwo, wef, new world order, world economic forum, global, takeover, salesforce

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Klaus Schwab took over the world by hijacking a global cloud-based marketing/computing company called salesFORCE.

Quick explanation of cloud computing:

Data is uploaded to the cloud by those with authorization. People with authorization include corporation managers and government entities.

Users download supplied marketing material such as posters and flyers supplied from corporate accounts. Supplied content and messages populate templates for each account. Supplied content populates web sites of user accounts on the cloud network.

You only have to corrupt the main account and all sub-accounts become corrupted as well.

For example, if corporate Walmart is corrupted with bullshit marketing to push COVID crap, it spreads to all Walmart stores, around the world. The same is true for all accounts on the cloud computing system.

Accounts include gov entities (military, healthcare, vote counting, CDC, FDA, HHS, National Guard, GSA, etc), colleges and universities, grade schools, preschools, private schools, parochial schools, health systems, stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, grocery stores, pharmacies, vaccination records management, shipping, transportation, energy, etc.

Marc Benioff, CEO of salesFORCE, is a member of the World Economic Forum ("WEF") Board of Trustees. In addition, Benioff serves as the inaugural Chair of WEF's Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The partnership of Benioff and WEF puts all accounts hosted on the salesFORCE cloud computing system under the direct control, and abuse, by Klaus Schwab.

One image and a few screen shots shows the incredible number of sensitive accounts using the salesFORCE cloud computing/marketing system:

Don't expect to be able to vote the way out of this. It appears as though the corrupt Dominion Voting System uses the salesFORCE cloud, controlled by Klaus Schwab. Pretty certain Klaus decides who 'wins' elections. Dominion is a global system, so this means global control of election outcomes. Sweet, eh?

It appears the US Department of Defense is also on the Klaus Schwab controlled salesFORCE system. This quite literally puts the entire US military under the control of Klaus Schwab. That's probably NOT a good thing, eh?

The United States Navy is also on the Klaus Schwab controlled salesFORCE system. Seems Klaus has control of the US Navy. Hm... Am thinking that's not likely a 'good thing' either...

The United States National Guard is also on the Klaus Schwab, I mean salesFORCE system. I definitely understand the need to replace civilian hospital workers with Klaus-controlled National Guard. It seems the entire US military is breached.

HHS, CDC, FDA and vaxx management all also on the Klaus-controlled salesFORCE system...


Well, the general services system of the US government has also been taken over by the Klaus Schwab system. Bet the ONLY companies granted government contracts are those who abide by KLAUS SCHWAB rules. I seriously doubt these rules are the same as the US Constitution, eh?

Those ships, Comfort and Mercy? They were bringing the Klaus Schwab systems into east coast and west coast. Lockdowns provided cover to shut down systems to set up and implement the new hardware and software. There were also two HUGE C-4-style planes that came into Florida and either one or two into Arizona. Those are the ones I'm aware of.

Unless we stand with ONE VOICE GLOBALLY against salesFORCE, demand all systems removed from their platform, Klaus Schwab WILL continue to control the world, military around the world and all of the resources of the world - including YOU, human capital.

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