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Welcome to 2018 :o)
As the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson continue to pile up, looks like another year of the same Johnson & Johnson shit, unfettered by laws, regulations, ethics or even basic human compassion.
Just another year of bleeding people dry and then spitting out the corpse, slaughtering people faster than an ISIS wet dream.
Looks more and more like the biggest risk to Americans is Johnson & Johnson ;o)

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Baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuits
Metal-on-metal hip lawsuits
Xarelto DEATH and bleed-out lawsuits
Hernia and transvaginal mesh lawsuits
Invokana ketoacidosis, etc. lawsuits
Deadly, disabling Risperdal lawsuits
Deadly, disabling Levaquin lawsuits
* Velcade overcharging lawsuits
* Procrit heart attack lawsuits
* Stelera cancer lawsuits
* Morcellators uterine cancer lawsuits
* Tylenol death and liver failure lawsuits
* Defective diabetes device lawsuits
* Defective heart stent lawsuits
* Death and disability spine disc lawsuits
* Deadly bone cement lawsuits "Pigs injected with the cement died within minutes"
* Deadly, disabling opioid lawsuits
* Defective knee lawsuits
* Defective elbow lawsuits
* Deadly defective surgical tool lawsuits
* Topamax birth defect and suicide lawsuits
* NEW: January 2, 2018, CLASS ONE RECALL of heart device
This list is NOT all-inclusive and covers ONLY lawsuits in the United States.
* NOT mentioned on 2017 3rd 1/4 10Q

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The Johnson & Johnson Drugged Kids Pension Plan
Teacher and state retirement funds invest in Johnson & Johnson, the DRUGGED KIDS PENSION PLAN

Keywords: ritalin, government, teacher, retirement, pension, foster, immunization
Date Created/Edited: August 29, 2017

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With a flood of lawsuits pouring in from around the world, Johnson & Johnson is facing at least $100 BILLION lawsuit debt.
The Johnson & Johnson Drugged Kids Pension Plan
Teacher and state retirement funds invest in Johnson & Johnson, the DRUGGED KIDS PENSION PLAN
Second Quarter 2017 Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson
Lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson in United States holding at 106,600! DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL PRODUCTS FACING LAWSUITS OR LAWUITS FILED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES!
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Johnson & Johnson Victims at Risk of RE-Victimization (2016, August 22)
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Johnson & Johnson Animas Defective Diabetes Devices (2016, August 4)
Gosh and golly gee willikers, yet another Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Animas, totally sucks, jah?
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, animas, vibe, diabetes, insulin, device, pump
Johnson & Johnson Ethicrap, I Mean EthiCON, More JNJ JUNK (2016, July 25)
As I've mentioned, Johnson & Johnson has so many bad products I have to put a bunch in each article now to try to keep up. Now for EthiCON crap.
Johnson and Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, ethicon, harmonic ace, morcellator, physiomesh, secure strap, stapler
I recently found that numerous pension/retirement funds for state and teacher employees invest in Johnson & Johnson, providing a massive financial incentive for a financially sound retirement from destroying the health of our children. DRUGGED KIDS PENSION PLAN.
As a condition of entering school, parents are forced to vaccinate their children, which has been PROVEN over and over again to cause learning disabilities and life-long medical issues.
Schools force parents to put any even slightly unruly children on medication, causing life-long stigma and life-long medical issues rather than help the children learn self-control or help the children overcome shyness. If a school tells you to drug your children and you choose non-drug solutions, your child can be taken from you and put in foster care with strangers - and DRUGGED.
The majority of Medicaid-insured foster children are drugged.
WHY would educational facilities push for known harm to children with vaccinations and medications? Hm?
Most people know that school districts receive additional funds for each 'learning impaired' child. With such tight budgets, that provides a LOT of $$$ motivation to label as many children 'learning impaired' as possible.
But... there's a LOT more to it than that...
How about a little game of Follow the Money ;o)
I've already covered massive corruption in the United States Food and Drug Administration. The more drugs they get through, no matter whether they are safe or not, the more money they make. Of course, cutting off their easy money is not going to happen any time soon.
The United States Senate HELP Committee is supposed to look into our healthcare system and prevent/resolve issues but continues to push immunizations and drugging children into little zombies so they can get more money for stocks, funds and campaign financing. Although they get paid over $175,000 a year for a few hours work by taxpayers, they get millions per year from the pharmaceutical industry to ignore problems in our healthcare system and push drugs via legislation - such as ensuring ALL children are vaccinated and as many as possible are drugged. Although paid to do their job by taxpayers, they quite literally make millions more to NOT do their job ;o)

With United States Federal Government so heavily invested in Johnson & Johnson, even a moron can see that required immunizations, requiring kids take hard drugs to solve social problems and learning disabilities are concerned not about the health of American children, their priorities lie in the money they're raking in. In addition, the harms caused by immunizations maximize profit by providing additional health problems to be solved by, you guessed it: more drugs and increased medical needs. The more drugs are sold, the higher the revenue and the wealthier investors, such as government officials who are supposed to be more concerned with "HEALTH" than money, become.


In addition to federal government having financial incentive to force parents to poison their children, state government funds are invested in Johnson & Johnson as well. County and local are likely also invested in Johnson & Johnson, but I didn't research down that far - figured this was enough to get the picture.
Source: Stockzoa: JNJ as of June 2017
New York State Common Retirement Fund holds 8.00M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $1.06B
Florida State Board of Administration holds 3.93M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $520.00M
State of Wisconsin Investment Board holds 3.13M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $414.18M
State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund holds D 3.04M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $401.50M as of Jun 2017
State of Tennessee Treasury Department holds 2.12M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $280.07M
Retirement Systems of Alabama holds 1.81M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $238.86M
And finally, teacher pensions are invested in Johnson & Johnson providing the final incentive to force parents to drug their children for the profit of those who are supposed to be more concerned with the HEALTH of children than money...
Source: Stockzoa: JNJ as of June 2017
Teachers Advisors holds 5.31M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $702.21M
California State Teachers Retirement System holds 5.13M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $678.04M
New York State Teachers Retirement System holds 4.74M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $626.77M
State Teachers Retirement Board of Ohio holds 1.75M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $231.93M
Teacher Retirement System Of Texas holds 1.72M shares of Johnson & Johnson valued at $226.96M
So we end up with the:
United States Johnson & Johnson
Drugged Kids Pension Plan

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