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Failed to meet minimal FDA requirements, increased suicides, massively expensive, yet corrupt FDA approved this new JNJ garbage anyway. Imagine that...

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Corruption Making Johnson & Johnson Products a Game of HealthCare Roulette

Bad hips. Bad mesh. Bad butt staplers. Bad drugs. All were known to have above acceptible risks. All were sold anyway through a corrupt system. Harming and sometimes killing their victims.

Date Created: 2014, March 28

Keywords: metal, hip, risperdal, levaquin, vaginal, mesh, TVT, corruption

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In addition to chronic recalls that Johnson & Johnson was unable to solve, so the United States Food and Drug Administration had to shut down one facility and force Johnson & Johnson to clean up while under supervision, Johnson & Johnson has had quite a few other major product problems.
It seems the US health services are constantly bashing healthcare products and healthcare product facilities in other countries. Um, how about take a really close look at that shape of our own embarrassment of the healthcare industry: Johnson & Johnson...
Chronic recalls.
Known harmful drugs.
Known faulty devices.
Fraudulent marketing.
Withholding evidence from the US FDA for evaluation as required.

Providing doctors with false and misleading advertising on which to base their decisions for the care of your health and the health and safety of your loved ones.
Corruption in United States Food and Drug Administration.
Each permanently disabled, suffering victim from a known defective, harmful or toxic product becomes a life-long income stream for Johnson & Johnson and their banking investors. Quite literally turning people into life-long cash cows for the pharmaceutical industry.
I could go on, but maybe you get the picture:
Does ANYONE else think it might be time to admit that it's time to get the corruption out of the United States healthcare system before you, yourself, become the next victim of Johnson & Johnson HealthCare Roulette?

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