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Why We MUST Get Pharma OFF the DOW

The wealth of the United States should not be calculated by destroying the health of everyone on the planet - it's not sustainable.

Date Created: 2019, February 1

Keywords: DOW, JNJ, MRK, PFE, economy, economic, business, healthcare

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Numerous goverment committees have been formed over the last 5 or 10 years examining the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. TIME exposed the long-term potential regarding out-of-control healthcare cost increases back in 2012 (the same year I started this site): "Will the Cost of Health Insurance Eventually Eat Up Your Entire Paycheck? Study Says Yes." Increased rates of foreclosures and bankruptcies are attributed to skyrocking healthcare costs. Yet, to this day, nothing has been done to control the outrageous costs, and ridiculous increases many times a year, of reasonable care of health.

I've looked at all the corruption surrounding the healthcare industry, specifically Johnson & Johnson. Their CEO, CFO, the Obama's, the FDA, the Senate HELP Committee and see millions and millions being tossed around to allow harmful products to reach the market, and even the paid promotion of harmful products to trusting physicians and patients. After all this research, I think I hit on the grandaddy corrupt motivation of them all for dumping toxic products, harmful drugs, debilitating devices and immune-destroying immunizations on the global healthcare market: US STOCK MARKET GAINS ;o)

For those who are unaware, Johnson & Johnson and other pharma companies are market indicators on the DOW, S&P500 and so on. Let's just look at the DOW for this article...

The current 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are not 'industrial' per se, as were the original 12 companies: American Cotton Oil, American Sugar, American Tobacco, Chicago Gas, Distilling & Cattle Feeding, General Electric, Laclede Gas, National Lead, North American, Tennessee Coal and Iron, U.S. Leather and U.S. Rubber.. Today, the companies of the DOW are more like 'industry-al' since 'industrial' leads one to believe the DOW is still comprised of industries that manufacture goods, provide services or technology. By examining the companies that comprise the DJIA, you realize that approximately 75% of the DOW is composed of pharma, healthcare, health services and industries that supply goods, servies and technology for the healthcare industry. Basically, the US economy is DEPENDENT on the continued increase in harm to human health and increased costs to cover the harm caused to human health by the pharmaceutical industry. Sweet, eh?

Any attempt to decrease the skyrocketing rate of victims from known harmful products/drugs/devices/immunizations, or cap pricing increases, will be reflected in massive DOW losses as 75% of the DOW will be affected.

The only way to get out of this Pandora's Box is to remove pharma from the DOW and all other economic indices, remove pharma such as Johnson & Johnson from pension plans as well, so they can be held accountable for crimes against humanity without destroying the global economy. At that point we can hold execs, elected officials, appointed officials and such accountable for corruption, harm to millions around the world - take their assets to cover the costs of care of the victims, research products on the market and remove the most harmful ones. We can also lower prices, set far lower exec salaries and so on. The result would be exponentially improved healthcare safety as well as dramatically reduced healthcare costs.
We need to get pharma off the DJIA, other economic indices, pensions, funds and so on and replace the harm with health-benefitting companies such as organic food, green energy and renewable/sustainable textiles/building materials. When money is to be made by 'improving' health, healthcare costs will naturally plummet without destroying the global economy.

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