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I live in Florida. Higbee & Ass's, the law firm, is headquartered in California, assigned a lawyer in Colorado. They know I am destitute. (No, though a massive amount of work, this site makes almost no money. IE: Only $175 total for 2022 and less than $500 total this year. I work odd jobs to be able to afford to keep it online.) They have no case since there was no copyright violation. They are attempting to make it impossible for me to attend hearings so they win by default.
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I am not going to simply let them win without at least attempting to defend myself. I decided to add decals to the car and use the opportunity to defeat chronic censoring and promote my work on my 2,000 mile trip from Florida to Colorado for the hearings.
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Exposing the COVID19 Great Global Scamdemic

I started pushing #FilmYourHospital on twitter a few weeks ago. People were going out and doing short videos of their local hospitals. What we found was the largest global hoax you could ever imagine.

Date Created: 2020, April 18

Keywords: coronavirus, scam, scandal, plandemic, scamdemic, filmyourhospital, emptyhospital, covid19

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In January of 2020, reports of a novel (new) virus causing a horrendous flood of sickness and death in Wuhan, China began circulating in news and social media outlets around the world. China locked down Wuhan with a quarantine of all citizens. As the virus raged across the country, then around the world, lockdowns were implemented and enforced to prevent spread of the new virus with a death rate rivaling 100 year plagues.

From funeral pyers in China, to mass graves in Iran, to countless dead in Italy, the newly discovered coronavirus raged around the world. At this time, the majority of the planet is quarantined, with social distancing and masks demanded globally. Medical sources such as Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization demanding constant hand washing. Many wash their hands so frequently they dry out and become painful.

Schools are closed for the rest of the year. People are forced to stay home, losing incomes from jobs many will not even be able to return to due to businesses that closedfor good. In stores that are allowed to remain open, hours are reduced, specific times are set up for seniors who, we are told, have a higher risk of death related to the deadly virus.

Parks are closed, our children shuttered in their homes, away from friends and other family members. Everyone is denied sunlight, fresh air, exercise and socialization. Most of the planet is under quarantine praying for the deadly virus to subside. Proms, birthday celebrations and even Easter cancelled to prevent the spread of this new deadly virus.

Group gatherings cancelled, no church, concerts, parties, celebrations of any sort. At least one pastor in Florida arrested for having the audacity to hold a church service in violation of the new social distancing laws. I'm guessing many weddings are postponed or even cancelled. All to protect lives from the deadly virus circling the globe.

The stock market crashed from the cessation of work. The entire planet is at a standstill. The market was propped up with $1.5 TRILLION by the Fed. Taxpayer money spent by the billions for ventilators, gowns, gloves, masks and goggles to protect healthcare workers tossed around to every state. Taxpayer funded supplies being sent all over the world to assist struggling countries with their flood of sick and lack of resources. Another $8.3 BILLION for medical supplies and personnel was distributed around the country. Over $2 TRILLION sent out to consumers and businesses to help offset the lost income while in lockdown.

Money is being tossed around to a variety of pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. For example, Johnson & Johnson was given $450 million contract to develop a vaccine. With their track record of known harmful products, uh, probably not a good idea to accept that one ;o) Nineteen million doses of hydroxychloroquine, a lifesaving medication, were purchased and distributed to treat those who were sick with the virus. Tents were set up at most hospitals to cope with the flood of sick who require testing. Convention centers and sporting arenas filled with beds to care for the infected until recovered and safe to return home. A tent city was even erected in New York Central Park to treat the masses of sick and dying. Refrigerated trucks are in place at major hospitals in densely populated areas for use as portable morgues to hold the flood of bodies from this new deadly virus.

Soon, curiousity seekers began driving by their local hospitals to document the long lines of people getting tested. They wanted to document the sick and dying, the stacks of body bags in the United States, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom and other countries. Many people were taking time to document such an historic event, however morbid.

What they found were completely empty hospitals.

Wait, what?

Using the hash tag #FilmYourHospital or #EmptyHospitals on twitter returns citizen videos of empty hospital after empty hospital.

Videos of empty hospitals aren't limited to the United States, they were posted from citizens around the worl.

All the supposed 'hot zones' promoted on main stream media are deserted when film crews and crisis actors are done fabricating reality...

But wait, there's more...

Next comes the dancing nurses who have nothing to do during this supposed global 'pandemic'...

First, empty hospitals, and then videos of dancing nurses were posted.

Well, I guess I'd also be dancing to relieve boredom.

Elective surgeries, cancer screenings, and cancer treatments have been cancelled to free up room for the massive flood of sick and dying patients from COVID19.

However, the hospitals are so empty the nurses have nothing to do. So, they started practicing dance routines and creating videos to occupy their time.

The hashtag #DancingNurses returns a flood of videos of nurses dancing in hospital attire, in the empty buildings...

Since the virus is obviously a scam, what's really going on?
It seems there are three main theories:
1. Disinformation to incite fear for injection of vaccine for profit.
2. Excuse to roll out globalization and New World Order and force monitoring of everyone on the planet under the new global government.
3. Excuse to ensure people stay home while underground war wages to end human trafficking around the world.

Hm. Guess we'll find out eventually...

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