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GIGO Corruption-Based Health IT:
Garbage In = Garbage Out

An Information Technology application is only as good as the data it receives. If the data is corrupt, for example: missing or deleted to prevent liability, the system simply becomes garbage in / garbage out. Not exactly in the best interest of our health, now is it?

school vaxx clinics Get Prepared for In-School Vaxx Clinics
Exemptions removed, parental consent removed, funding in place. Get ready for vaxx clinics set up conveniently in your local schools ;o)

school vaxx clinics Why We Must Shut Down USA FDA
Healthcare organizations around the world depend on US FDA decisions, however, profit, rather than safety, seems to be the primary motivation.

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Trump Gates COVID Committee
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Is Novel Corona Virus Reservoir BioWar Syringe or Bat Soup?

It seems the evidence continues to show that the novel corona virus is likely a bio weapon, not a bat soup infection.

Date Created: 2020, February 10

Keywords: biowar, war, coronavirus, corona, virus, bat soup, reservoir, vaxx

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A lot of people are wondering how the entire unbelievable horror occurring in China with the new coronavirus could have started. It seems people want to believe it was the live food market, but I highly doubt the outbreak originated there. Spread there? Since we now know it is aeresolized, meaning it can attach to droplets in the air, people in such a crowded area would have spread the disease like wildfire.

I think the most important fact we need to keep in mind, is numerous media outlets on all extremes are clearly stating that Patient Zero had no link to live animal market.

Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease specialist at Georgetown University said: "The presumed rapid spread of the virus apparently for the first time from the Huanan seafood market in December did not occur."

We don't know much about Patient Zero, for example gender, employer, marital status and/or children, but it has definitively been determined that Patient Zero did not shop in the live food market.

My original thought was that there was a problem with China's new 13 valent pneumonia vaccine. It was approved and on the market when announced. The vaccine uses 13 strains of pneumonia encased in tetanus toxiod to illicit immune response. The main study also injected children with DTaP, diptheria, tetanus and pertusis, concurrently, and no minimization of effects were observed. The study mentions using a new fetal cell line from a three month gestation female fetus. It was a water-bag birth to ensure survival for disection and harvest. The lungs were harvested for the new line of cells for vaccines and other harvested organs distributed accordingly.

I believe that an error in manufacture, either by accident or design, would have effectively immunized the children against the 13 strains of pneumonia. However unvaccinated adults in the area could become incredibly ill if they contracted 13 strains of pneumonia at one time. It would quite literally pop their lungs in the same manner as numerous videos coming from China.

If it were a catastrophic human error, or unexpected response to a vaccine, it would have been logical to attempt to cover it up by arresting the first eight doctors who attempted to warn everyone of the new coronavirus, like nothing they had ever seen before.

Of course, my original thoughts were poo-poo'd, insulted and labeled 'conspiracy theory'. However, no one has a more plausable, possible or probably chain of events than what I originally thought.

Since I really wanted to get to the bottom of this, I kept looking for information...

Here we go, what I found that all seeems to tie into a really bad scenario...

The United States successfully created their first man-made coronavirus in 2015. It was worked on during a ban on making viruses lethal enacted in 2003, since the project began before the ban went into effect. The publicly stated intentions were to be able to understand this type of virus more fully to be able to make effective vaccines.

In 2017, the federal ban on making lethal viruses was lifted. Groups were allowed to apply for project research using known lethal pathogens, such as ebola and corona viruses. After review of ethics, benefit must outweight risks, of the stated proposed purpose, the project was either granted or denied. One of the conditions I found may be a bad thing, is the research is done in secrecey - studies are not published since it relates to the process of making lethal pathogens even more lethal.

The heads of each of these departments is hand-selected and appointed by the President...

Director of United States Centers for Disease Control
The current Director of the USCDC is Dr. Robert R. Redfield.
Career highlights include:
- "public health leader actively engaged in clinical research and clinical care of chronic human viral infections and infectious diseases, especially HIV, for more than 30 years."
- "retired after 20 years of service in the U.S. Army Medical Corps"
- "served as the founding director of the Department of Retroviral Research within the U.S. Military’s HIV Research Program"
- "co-founded the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology"
- "made several important early contributions to the scientific understanding of HIV, including the demonstration of the importance of heterosexual transmission, the development of the Walter Reed staging system for HIV infection, and the demonstration of active HIV replication in all stages of HIV infection."
- Either he was egregiously sloppy with data or it was fabricated,” said former Air Force Lt. Col. Craig Hendrix, a doctor who is now director of the division of clinical pharmacology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine"
- "The White House claimed they would do better background checks," said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, founder and senior adviser of Public Citizen's Health Research Group. "But that statement is dangerously laughable. If they had done a proper background check, they wouldn't have chosen Dr. Redfield."

United States Secretary of Health and Human Services
The current Secretary of USHHS is Alex Azar.
Career highlights from the US HHS site include:
- lawyer
- fluff and bs, feel good marketing, and such
- Previously worked for Judge Antonin Scalia ;o)
Career highlights from the much more detailed wiki article include:
- president of the US Division of Eli Lily and Company, maker of vaccines and the largest psychiatric drug maker in the world
- pharma lobbyist
- politician

United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner (1)
During the current administration, Scott Gottlieb was appointed USFDA Commissioner, but resigned in March of 2019.
Career highlights from wiki include:
- member of the board of directors at pfizer
- investor
- independent director at Tolero Pharmaceuticals
- independent director at Daiichi Sankyo Inc.
- member of GlaxoSmithKline's product investment board
- approved the first gene therapy product in the U.S. on August 30, 2017 (gene therapy can literally target specific ethnic groups, such as Asian or Hispanic)

United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner (2)
The current Commissioner of the USFDA is Stephen Hahn
Career highlights from USFDA web site include:
- oncology
- radiology
- a quick review of wiki and Dr. Hahn's history is also pretty bland

It appears highly likely that the new coronavirus is man-made. Four strains of HIV-1 incorporated in the virus, not something likely to occur in nature. Considering the amount of documentation I've found so far also indicates the new coronavirus is a man-made bioweapon, I'm going to go with man-made, not bat soup.

Wuhan is home of a BioSafety Level 4 lab. It houses many lethal pathogens. It is also a lab where research is done using those lethal pathogens. It is plausable that somehow, someone got careless and the tiny little virus went out the door on an article of clothing or hands. However, it doesn't appear that 'Patient Zero' had any connection to the lab - or it would certainly have been uncovered by now.

In other news, two Chinese nationals and Harvard professor were arrested on 28 January 2020 in connection with lab in Wuhan, China. Somehow I doubt this is a coincidence.

An interview with Dr. Francis Boyle discloses that at this professional, with an entire alphabet of credentials. Feel free to watch the video and learn more about the opinion of this well-educated, well-experienced professional.

My personal horror is JohsonAndToxin site visitors from Wuhan. Each read, "Will US CDC Weaponize American Children?" It seems they were well-aware of how this horror began...

This new coronavirus is an incredibly well-designed deadly biological weapon. It's kill rate is enhanced with a longer incubation period than other coronaviruses at 10 to 14 days. As an added biological weapon benefit, the infected are contagious for over a week before they even know they are sick. In addition, it is aerosolized, so it attaches to water vapor droplets which helps it survive longer without a host. Absoultely perfect biological weapon.

It has an incredible kill rate; the numbers we are being given are not accurate, nowhere near accurate

Reports are there are approximately 1,200 bodies being cremated per day with every single creatorium runing at full speed, 24 hours a day. It appears as thought there was a very large pile of organic matter buring in a field just outside of Wuhan, as seen on chemical emissions sensing radar systems. Yet, we keep being told the flu is far worse than this new coronavirus, so run along and get that flu shot.

None for me, thanks. I think I'll avoid needles as long as possible, since it appears as though the reservoir was more likely an intentionally contaminated vaccine. I don't want the risk of whatever they decide to retaliate with, injected in me. No thanks ;o)

This is the ONLY time in 25 years of activism I have ever seen such an incredible amount of censoring and downplaying a disease. Every other virus has been WAY overstated to increase fear and sell vaccines. There is no vaccine for this one, or it would have been pulled out long before now.

I believe it played out pretty much the same as what I expect will soon be played out in the United States...
Will US CDC Weaponize American Children?

I wonder if Patient Zero had children?


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