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Phthalates in Johnson & Johnson Children's Products Used to CAUSE Asthma

Should Johnson & Johnson have included a chemical used to cause asthma in HUMAN lung tissue to develop treatments for asthma IN THEIR BABY PRODUCTS to increase profit from asthma and asthma-related illnesses?

Date Created: 2019, February 9

Keywords: poison, toxic, ingredient, phthalate, fragrance, parfum, asthma, profit

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Most people blame the previously skyrocketing childhood asthma epidemic on second hand cigarette smoke. However, although smoking rates were literally cut in half from 1965 to 2009, childhood asthma, as well as asthma related deaths, continued to increase dramatically every year - until 2015 when there was a sudden drop in asthma prevalence amoung children. So, if the cause of pediatric asthma wasn't second-hand tobacco smoke, what could it possibly have been?

Considering a direct correlation in the reduction of children exposed to tobacco smoke and an increase in the number of children developing asthma, either exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke prevented development of asthma in children OR there was a different cause of asthma in children. What was suddenly dramatically reduced around the year 2013 for the results to be noticed in 2015? What could have been causing the increase in pediatric asthma if not exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke? Hmmm.

Phthalates were a particularly nasty toxic ingredient in Johnson & Johnson baby and child hygiene products. I've found studies from back in 1961 regarding the potential for phthalates to cause respiratory disorders. By 2011, phthalates were so well-known to cause asthma, that it was the chemical of choice to literally cause asthma in human lung tissue to study treatments for allergens after asthma was caused by application of phthalate esthers (the part you can smell, inhale into your lungs and dramatically increase risk of developing asthma).

President George Bush banned the use of phthalates and other known toxic ingredients in children's products in 2008. There is no way Johnson & Johnson was unaware that the ingredients in Johnson & Johnson baby care products, intended for babies and children, were not toxic and the cause of much long-term harm to human health. Especially, when even a Republican President realized it was in the best interest of society, and the health of children, to ban KNOWN harmful ingredients, at least in products intended for children.

Johnson & Johnson chose not to reformulate without phthalates, as well as 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde which were also on the cut, until forced to by Walmart and Target, who banned the use of certain known toxic ingredients in products they would carry in their stores (THANK YOU, GUYS!). Johnson & Johnson finally chose to reformulate rather than be unable to sell their toxic products in Walmart or Target.

Please get this clear... It has been known since 1961 that phthalates cause respiratory disorders, especially in the developing lungs of children. Phalates were simultaneously being used in the lab to cause asthma in human lung tissue to study treatments for asthma antagonists such as tobacco smoke (tobacco products are NOT USED IN THE LAB TO CAUSE ASTHMA), animal dander and pollen WHILE still included in products intended for use on children.

Yet again, Johnson & Johnson was literally convincing doctors, hospitals and mothers to pour the KNOWN CAUSE of asthma on their own babies. Literally convincing mothers to poison their own children with yet another product, on the very first day of their precious life in the maternity ward.

Geekers, somehow, scientists claim they are stumped by the dramatic decrease in childhood and newborn asthma, along with the reduction of deaths from asthma-related illnesses, complications and medications. Uh, not much of a stretch to comprehend that when you get the cause of medical conditions out of products, there is a corresponding reduction of the medical conditions caused by the known toxic ingredient.

So, uh, does anyone think Johnson & Johnson should be held accountable for including an ingredient in their baby care products that was simultaneously being used in the lab to CAUSE asthma in HUMAN lung tissue to study treatments for exposure to allergens AFTER they caused the asthma in the first place with phthalates? How about they pay us all back for over 50 years of treating the asthma caused by the use of their products? Hm....

This one would be a slam-dunk for tort lawyers - and affected almost everyone on earth ;o) Even I think my asthma, my mother's COPD and my son's asthma and chronic respiratory issues as a baby were caused by Johnson & Johnson products. I'd sign up for this one... what about you?

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